How To Exclude Duplicate Content From Your Blog Using a Smartphone?

Hey People, In this article, I will be sharing with you a detailed guide on How to exclude duplicate content from your Blog using a smartphone. You will get all the details and tools to get your solution about How to exclude duplicate content from your Blog using a smartphone.

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Basic Details –

While optimizing the content and making it unique, plagiarism is the main thing that every writer, student, and blogger worry about. And of course, they should, because if they did not take plagiarism seriously, it can lead them to severe consequences.

Duplication occurs when you forget to take precautions while using a paraphrasing tool and never pay attention to your opinion or perspective while writing. However, excluding duplicates from the content cannot be done by laptops and computers, but also by smartphones.

In fact, mobile phones are more handy and easy to grip that you can use as an instant solution to remove duplication. But, the problem is most people do not know how they can exclude plagiarism from blogs using smartphones.

Here in this post, we will explain how you can become a pro plagiarism remover and a good proofreader by using your smartphone!

Stick with us till the end to know How to exclude duplicate content from your Blog using a smartphone?

Before going on how to exclude duplicate content, let me share with you what is duplicate content called.

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What is duplicate content?

Any piece of content that appears several times on multiple websites is known as duplicated content.

A website that has a high ratio of duplicated content has high chances of getting penalties and bad consequences from Google.

what is duplicate content

Even if the content is rewritten or paraphrased, the idea and the tone will be the same, which is considered duplicated content.

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Continue reading to know how it impacts SEO!

As a matter of fact, Google never prefers those websites that use duplicated content on their website.

However, you should understand this simple concept: why does Google give you rankings based on the content you duplicated from already ranked websites?

Even if you are ranked and started the use of duplicated content, Google will de-rank you and you will lose your organic traffic.

On the other hand, Google does not de-rank you, there are 100% chances it will not index your pages.

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So, if you ever feel that your content is plagiarized or duplicated and you want to clear your doubts, it would be great if you double-check your content from an online plagiarism checker.

Now, let me share the ways through which you can get your answer about How to exclude duplicate content from your Blog using a smartphone?

How to exclude duplicate content from your Blog using a smartphone?

Let me share all possible methods about How to exclude duplicate content from your Blog using a smartphone? So, keep reading.

1 – Use Web-versions of online tools

Do you know what the biggest advantage of using online tools is? You can efficiently use them on your mobile because they are mobile-friendly. With web tools, you can get the same results as you get on your laptops or mobile phones.


The only difference is that smartphones are handy whereas laptops cannot be carried everywhere. No matter how good you are, you cannot detect plagiarism by yourself even if the content is 100% unique, you have to clear your doubts to ensure satisfaction.

2 – By using mobile applications

If you are not comfortable running web tools, then mobile applications are always there for you. You can use any reliable plagiarism checker app to detect duplication throughout the content.


Even if we compare the performance of using mobile applications and web tools, there are not any significant differences.

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How to exclude duplicated content using a smartphone?

Making quality content is the first priority of writers and students who get assignments. But, not everyone is good enough at proofreading and detecting plagiarism. Removing plagiarism is not the only way of making the content unique.

You can paraphrase your content that will change the meanings and synonyms but the original sense and meaning of topics will be the same.

However, you can download a paraphrasing app for free that will allow you to create quality content by using your smartphone.


Web tools can also be used for paraphrasing the content:

Excluding plagiarism from the content has become easier than before.

However, you can use the web version of the paraphrasing tool for free to rephrase your text and exclude duplicates in less time.


It depends on you whether you are comfortable paraphrasing on web tools or mobile applications.

Both of them have the same working metrics and their performance is almost the same.

Before I will come to my final words about How to exclude duplicate content, let me share with you how to write by using your smartphone.

Become a pro in writing by using your smartphone only!

To write something, you don’t need to opt for old methods of using pen and paper.

Technology has advanced us and we can now even improve our writing skills using our smartphones. As a writer, it does not matter whether you are writing with a pen on paper, or using your smartphone!

The point is that using a smartphone has the advantage of saving time. Considering this factor, we have mentioned several ways that you can learn to improve your writing skills on mobile phones!


We know that you might be thinking, why would someone have to put in so much effort while they can do everything on computers and laptops?
Well, we acknowledge your perspective, but the point is mobiles are more handy and accessible than laptops.
They are with us almost every time, even when we are using our laptops; we have our smartphone on the side.
Their accessibility and ability to provide instant solutions to exclude duplicate content make them worthy.

Now, let me share my final words about How to exclude duplicate content.

Final Summary

Excluding duplicate content from your blog using a smartphone is not a difficult thing. There are just some safety measures you had to take. No matter, you use web tools or mobile applications; you will not see any differences in comparison.

Moreover, the usage of mobile can also help you in improving your English and writing skills The good thing is that these online tools and mobile applications are free to use.

So, if you feel hesitant or do not have the budget to buy a subscription to any app, you can still manage to increase the uniqueness of your blog post using a mobile device.

If you have any questions regarding How to exclude duplicate content from your Blog using a smartphone? ask us in the comments.