How To Refresh iPhone? Explained In Easy Steps.

Hey People, In this article, I will be sharing easy steps with methods on how to refresh iPhone. You will get to know methods on how to refresh iPhone for all models.

There are multiple reasons that you need to refresh your iPhone. So, before explaining how to refresh iPhone, We will discuss the reasons to refresh your iPhone.

So, let’s start.

Why You Need To Refresh Your iPhone

If you noticed your iPhone has slowed down since you updated your iPhone, it might be due to memory problems. If your iPhone is crashing, slow to respond, or freezing on random screens, it is time to speed up your iPhone with some simple tricks.

When you refresh your iPhone, the Random Access Memory (RAM) is cleared on your iPhone. Obviously, you are not required to restart your iPhone in the hunt to speed it fix those memory problems.

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However, if you notice your iPhone apps crashing, there are some tips discussed here that can get your apps working again. When your iPhone is restarted, the RAM is automatically cleared, but you don’t have to restart your iPhone to speed it up and fix those memory problems. In fact, if the apps on your iPhone keep crashing, this will help get those apps working again.

Here’s how to refresh iPhone without rebooting your iPhone 7 (or older model) or iPhone X or newer model plus some extra tips to speed up your iPhone.

When we open an App and close it, there will be some junk files left. This is one reason for the slow down of our iPhone. More and more of us recognize it. So how to speed up and refresh our iPhone?

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Here are some methods.

How To Refresh iPhone X and Newer?

To refresh an iPhone, you need a Home button. Unfortunately, iPhone X and newer do not provide a physical home button. So these tips need to apply, Luckily, you can enable a virtual on-screen Home button.

Here’s everything you need to do about how to refresh iPhone x and newer.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
    Click on settings
  2. Find Accessibility.
    Click On Accessibility
  3. Tap on Touch.
    Tap On Touch
  4. Turn On AssistiveTouch.
    Turn On Assistive Touch
  5. An on-screen Home button is added to your iPhone’s screen.
  6. Tap it to reveal the options. The Home option is what we need here.
  7. Now, Go to Settings click General and then Shut Down.
  8. On the shut-down screen, click the onscreen Home button.
  9. In the pop-up, tap and hold Home.

Using the Assistive Touch feature to shut down an iPhone.

If you use a passcode on your iPhone, you will go to the passcode-entry screen. Your iPhone is now refreshed.

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How To Refresh iPhone 7 and Earlier Models?

Refreshing an iPhone 7 and earlier is more straightforward than the latest models. Because these models have physical Home buttons that you can use.

These steps apply to the iPhone 4 through 7:

  1. Press and hold the sleep/wake/Side button until the shut-down screen appears.
  2. Let go of the sleep/wake/Side button.
  3. Press and hold the Home button.

These steps will refresh your iPhone.

Now, let me share some FAQs related to our question about how to refresh iPhone.

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FAQs –

How can you refresh and restore my iPhone?

You can hold down the power button, slide it to shut down, and then power on your phone again to reset it.

How do you refresh an app on an iPhone?

If you want suspended apps to check for new content, go to Settings click on General then Background App Refresh, and turn on Background App Refresh.

Where is the refresh button on an iPhone?

This is done through a small refresh button in the top right corner of the home screen. The refresh button is only visible on iOS.

Final Words –

There are so many methods to refresh your iPhone so, we would never be worried when our iPhone is slow or full of junk files. The above methods help you to refresh your iPhones.

I hope that you find it well and this helps you to solve the problems.

If you have any questions ask us in the comments.

Happy Androiding……