SP Flash Tool – Download SmartPhone Flash Tool [2022]

SP Flash Tool is a program run on a Windows PC that can load and Flash firmware image files (ROMs) onto MTK Chip-based Android Smartphones. It can communicate with a smartphone using a USB Cable.

There are a hell lot of reasons why you would want to flash a new ROM onto your Android. Perhaps you want to get rid of all the bloatware, or maybe you want to give it a performance boost, otherwise, you may have an older device that doesn’t get new updates anymore.

The reason why you want to flash a ROM onto your Android doesn’t really matter. What actually matters is that you can perform such a task with SP Flash Tool, a free application that can flash stock or custom ROMs onto Android devices.

SP Flash Tool is available for Windows and Linux. Speaking of which, the official website is home to some useful information on how to use this application.

Flashing ROMs onto an Android is easy, once you know what you’re doing! So make sure you know how to use Smartphone flash tool, otherwise, you might end up doing more harm than good resulting into worsts like you may void your phone warranty or brick it.

What is SP Flash Tool?

SP Flash Tool also called Flash Tool or  Smartphone Flash Tool is a computer application used to write firmware to Mediatek (MTK) Android Gadgets. Its an entirely simple application to utilize yet you’re bound to experience one error or the other at specific focuses you would say.

This guide is committed to posting blunders/errors you may experience when utilizing SPFlash Tool, what they mean and what steps you can take to settle or resolve them.

Smartphone flash tool has a tabbed interface that’s quite easy to navigate. Go the Options menu and you’ll notice that a few themes are available for the interface, that the interface supports more than just English, and that you can perform several tasks by using a keyboard shortcut.

Download Latest SP Flash Tool For Windows [2022]

Here we have provided you the link to download the latest version of SP Flash Tool.

SP TOOL V3. 1312  Download
SP TOOL V3. 1316  Download
SP TOOL V3. 1328  Download
SP TOOL V3. 1332  Download
SP TOOL V3. 1344  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1343  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1352  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1424  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1436  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1452  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1504  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1512  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1516  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1520  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1524  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1528  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1532  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1548  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1552  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1604  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1612  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1616  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1620  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1624  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1628  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1632  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1636  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1640  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1644  Download
SP TOOL V5. 1728  Download
Latest SP Flash Tool V5. 1744  Download

Pre-Requisite for SP Flash Tool

  • Compatible and working USB Cable.
  • Laptop or Windows PC.
  • MTK USB drivers [VCOM drivers are must].
  • Scatter based stock ROM or Firmware and files.
  • Working USB port.

How to Install the SP Flash Tool?

Given below is a step by step guide on how to download and install the Smartphone flash tool. Although the procedure for the same is not much complex, by following the steps given below you will go through the process softly.

Step 1. To begin with, Download and Install the Android USB Drivers on your Computer. If done, you can proceed to the following step.

Step 2. Switch your Android Device off by pressing the power button and remove the battery if it is removable.

Step 3. Now download the official Stock ROM or Original firmware that you want to flash on your Android device or smartphone and extract it on your computer PC.

Step 4. Then, Download and extract SP Tool Latest on your Windows PC.

Extract Sp Flash Tool File

Step 5. Now SP_tool_Latest.exe to run the Smartphone flash tool official.

Download And Install SP Flash Tool

Step 6. Once tool Launched, Select the “Download” tab.

Step 7. When you have selected “Download” Button to start the flashing process.

Download And Install SP Flash Tool

Step 8. Connect Your Device to the computer using USB data Cable while holding Volume Up or Volume Down button so that your device boot easily and connect to PC.

Step 9. Once Flashing is completed a new dialog box will appear with a green box.

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How to Flash Stock Firmware using SP Flash Tool?

SP Flash is a program run on a Windows PC that can load and Flash firmware image files (ROMs) onto MTK Chip-based Android Smartphones. It can communicate with a smartphone using a USB Cable.

Here are quick steps to use Sp Tool. Go through the below link and read the complete full detail post to learn Sp flash tool working.

Step 1. Install the required USB drivers on your Windows PC. Enable the Developer Mode and USB Debugging on your Phone. After that Switch your Phone off.

Step 2. Now extract the Stock ROM and Flash tool folder where you wish to save it. Then open the SP Tool and Run the SPTool.exe as Administrator.

Step 3. Click on Scatter-Loading Option. The Smartphone flash tool asks you the location of the scatter file on your PC. You will come across it in the extracted Stock ROM folder. Now go to the ROM Folder and select the file “Android_scatter-emmc.txt” which is your Stock ROM scatter file.

Download And Install SP Flash Tool

Step 4. Now select the firmware upgrade from the drop-down menu and then click on the download button. Then connect you’re Switched off the phone with the PC via USB Cable. Do make sure that the phone is still remained off.

Step 5. The SP Flash will now detect your Phone and process will start. If the Smartphone flash tool is not recognized or detect your phone then install Vcom driver. After that install, Vcom Driver reconnects you switched off the phone with the PC. If your phone is not recognized by the SP Flash Tool, then try flashing it via Meta Mode flashing Process.

Do not interrupt this process as it can potentially brick your device. Make sure no power interruption takes place.

Step 6. Now start downloading the Stock ROM in your Phone by flashing it. Once the process is completed, a green ring appears. Now disconnect your updated Smartphone.

Step 7. A progress bar will show the complete process and in the end, you will see the “Successful” message on Smartphone flash tool window.


  • Make sure that you have a complete backup before using SP Flash Tool.
  • Flashing any custom ROM on your Android Smartphone device may void your phone warranty.
  • For any sort of loss or damage caused to your device through the process of downloading or installing Smartphone flash tool, Androidjungles.com is not responsible in any way.

SP Flash Tool comes in handy if you want to flash a new ROM onto an Android device. This free tool can flash stock and custom ROMs.

The tool is available for Windows and Linux. You can use SP Flash Tool to flash a new ROM onto an Android device. A video tutorial that explains how to use a Smartphone flash tool is available on its official website. SP Tool is free software.

Some users might have a hard time understanding how a Smartphone flash tool works.

Features of SP Flash Tool

  1. Flash Recovery: SP Flash tool permits you to flash a custom recovery on MTK (MediaTek) based smartphones merely by adding the scatter file and locate the recovery.img file and flash it.
  2. Flash Stock ROM: You can now upgrade or downgrade any MTK based smartphone by using the Smartphone flash tool of your Android Device with just a few clicks.
  3. Flash Kernel.
  4. Flash PreResource File: This Tool allows you to install PreResource files img on your Android phone. resources files are recovery.img, boot.img, userdata.img and system.img, etc
  5.  Format Device or Hard Reset: You can now Format your Android Device by just loading the scatter file and connecting your Android Smartphone to Computer and click on Format Button with the use of Smartphone flash tool.
  6. Flashing Custom Firmware.
  7. Fix software related issues on any MTK android mobile
  8. Parameter Settings: SP Tool allows users to read and write the parameter like read and write the functions data on the device for one-time programming (OTP).
  9. One clicks easy installation.
  10. Easy to use for any users.
  11. Root Access: You can gain Root Access by Flashing Root packages.
  12. Memory Test: You can verify the RAM on external memory and NAND Flash using Tool.

Tips to Use SP Flash Tool:

If you don’t know how to flash smartphones and tablets using the SP Flash Tool, we strongly recommend you to read the article «Flashing Chinese smartphones using SP Tool».

If you need to download the MTK driver for flashing, you can find it on the Android Driver page. And also read how to install the MTK driver.

Any questions left? Post them in comments and tell whether you’ve succeeded or failed.

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Wrapping Up:

This is all about the latest Sp flash tool 2022. Download the Smartphone flash tool from the download section and unbrick MTK device. Same as flash firmware on MTK android mobiles to upgrade the android version, to downgrade an Android version, to flash recovery or to remove software related issues.

Assuming as per you might have learned above, Smart Phone Flash Tool is the windows based software wherein you can install any Android Stock Rom or any Custom ROM, custom Recovery, fixing of the hard bricked device of any Android Smart Phone. Smartphone flash tool will support any Android Phone brand which has an inbuilt MediaTek chipset in it.