Best Online PDF Editor – Lumin PDF. Guide And Review.

Hey people, In this article I will share one best Mobile app and Web-based app which help you all to create and store documents and PDF files in the cloud or drive. So, the name of the app is Lumin PDF. So, I will share all details like what is Lumin PDF? Is Lumin PDF safe? And at the end of the article, you will get to know the full review of Lumin PDF.

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Now, let’s start with the basic overview of Lumin PDF.

Some details about cloud based PDF document app –

The world is experiencing a drastic transition and most of the data is shifting on clouds. Cloud storage also enabled developers to create web-based applications and save users a lot of time. Not only loss of data is prevented, but also tons of features are being presented a few clicks away. We have experienced several web-based Word or Excel document applications.

Lumin PDF presents an amazing, feature-rich, and easy-to-use cloud-based application to create PDF files on the go!

Well, here is the first question and its solution.

What is Lumin PDF?

Lumin PDF is a web-based PDF document creator and editor which allows you to access the documents from any PC, Tablet, or smartphone. It is not just another PDF creator but it gives a new life to your PDF documents with its smart editing features and markup tools. Users can edit, innovate, and create PDF files with features like adding images, shapes, comments, and signatures, all directly from their browser.

You will be surprised to know that It’s a web-based application and also it offers Android and iOS apps. You can download this app from Playstore and iOS App store. I will share the download links at the end of the article also.

Now, in the following sections, I will share some great features that you would like to know.

Features –

Cloud Storage with smart editing services – Cloud-based PDF creation automatically saves the progress of your files so you do not have to worry about data loss. Being a web-based application does not mean limited features.

It allows you to view, share, and edit your PDF documents within the Cloud. Smart markup and editing tools give a new look and life to your PDF files. The annotation feature allows you to add comments, text, and notes.

Annotation as easy as never before – It brings trouble-free and simple tools to make your document annotation easy, simple, intuitive, and fast.

Work with collaboration – Share the edited work with the whole class or group of friends by connecting with them through Lumin PDF ID. Any changes made in the document can be witnessed by the whole group, class, or your colleagues.

Drawing tools – It allows you to draw shapes, lines, type text, and put signatures on any PDF document. All this without any installation.

Auto-save feature – Through cloud integration, your PDF files are saved automatically to your account on Dropbox, Google Drive, or Lumin’s cloud. So no more worries about losing data.

Access from anywhere – You can access your saved documents from anywhere. Any progress made on PC or smartphone appears across all devices.

Commenting through documents – It offers an amazing feature of chat with other users. Simply add ‘‘@’’ followed by the user’s email address and the user will be notified through mail. You can chat with others directly through the Lumin Chat feature.

Now Let me come to the most asked question here. And I will also share why this question is in everyone’s mind nowadays.

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Is Lumin PDF safe?

Lumin PDF stored the user data in the MongoDB database. And earlier in 2019, cyber attacker groups have somehow managed to breach the MongoDB database of many companies. While getting the information earlier MongoDB has also updated their instances to overcome this type of hacker attack. MongoDB is the most widely used database type.

So, at that time when this type of attack was made many companies were in trouble. After the updated security and instances there is no need to worry now.

And also after that attack or breach, the team has also built more security levels to the system to make it more powerful and secure. So, now you can use it without worrying about any data leak or breach.

So, I can assure you that it is now more secure and safe to use. Well, this one is the answer to your question is Lumin PDF safe?

In the following sections, I will share my views on Lumin PDF review. But before that let me share some frequently asked questions that you may have regarding Lumin PDF.

FAQs –

Is Lumin PDF free?

Yes, you can use it for free.

Is it Trustworthy?

Yes, it is safe to use and offers many layers of security. So, feel free to use it.

What is Lumin PDF?

Lumin PDF is an online PDF document editor tool. Which is free to use and offers Mobile apps also.

Is Lumin PDF part of google?

I can’t say yes. But Lumin PDF is connected to google drive and using the drive as storage.

Can I able to open PDF files on my smartphone?

Yes, You can Lumin PDF offers both Android and iOS mobile apps.

In the next section, I will try to share the methods to connect Google Drive to Lumin PDF and how to open Lumin PDF online from Google Drive. So, let’s go.

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How can I add Lumin PDF to my Google Drive account?

Here are four simple steps by which you can connect it to your Google Drive account.

  • Select PDF file from your drive, and through ‘Open with’ options choose the Lumin PDF app.
  • After the selection of the App, you will be redirected to a new tab, where you will be guided to connect your PDF file to your drive.
  • Click ‘Connect to Google Drive’ and select your Google account in the window. Evaluate your sharing options. 
  • You can enjoy the editing facilities.

How can I open a PDF file online from cloud accounts?

Lumin PDF allows you to easily change your PDF files after they have been shared through cloud storage services. You can enjoy this facility from any place, through any device. Just get online and access your account through a browser.

Here, I have mentioned a few steps to open your PDF files in the cloud:

  • Start from the home page of Lumin.
  • Click on the app button.
  • View, share and edit PDF file in the cloud storage.

You will see the main app page with all the PDF files you have uploaded. You just need to make a personal or business account for viewing and managing PDF files.

Well, That’s all for the article. Now, let me share my final words as Lumin PDF review.

Final Words –

In my opinion, it is a very useful online and free PDF editor tool that offers Android and iOS mobile app as well. Lumin PDF is free to use. And the most important thing that I love most is it can be accessed from anywhere. And it is very safe and secure to use as I have already explained about “Is Lumin PDF safe?”.

You can store and edit any PDF document on google drive. You can edit and share your document easily. So, I feel that it’s a very useful and feature-rich tool that you can have. Well, this is the Lumin PDF review from my side.

Please find the links to download Lumin PDF mobile app –

Android app – Download
iOS app – Download
Lumin PDF web app – Link