Top 10 Free IDM Alternatives You Can Use

We all know what a boon Internet Download Manager is, but with its price and limitation to only Windows OS has given rise to the need for Best Internet Download Manager Alternatives. Here we are sharing with you all the best IDM alternatives which you can use on the Operating system other than Windows and mostly free or with a minimum price. Hop in!

Internet is a huge world in itself for infinite information. Needless to say, we depend on it for a lot of things. Downloading files, images, videos, audio, etc. is one of them. However, just like any other system, even the internet comes with a few flaws. Low internet speed, Less downloading speed, automatic pause while downloading Larger files are some to name.

However, with software like IDM, it becomes possible to increase the speed of downloading, video grabbing, resuming downloads, carrying out larger downloads and so on. The amazing features that IDM provides, are, however, limited to Windows OS and at a cost of $11.95. Not to worry as the below mentioned alternatives to IDM will serve you mostly the same with compatibility to other Operating systems as well.

Beat Internet Download Manager Alternatives

1. Free Download Manager

To begin with, our first Download Manager that can be used as an IDM alternative is Free Download Manager. As you all can guess by the name, this download manager comes free of cost.

The best part is that it brings along a number of similarities as IDM in downloading speed, resuming paused or broken downloads and so on. What else would you expect from a free Download Manager?

Well if you are wondering about the compatibility of this great download manager, let me tell you, you can use it on Windows as well as Mac OS. another huge advantage of using FDM is that it supports BitTorrent files. Plus you can also add torrent files or magnet links to this so as to download them like regular files.

Compatibility – Windows, Mac


Rating –  5☆/5☆

2. Internet Download Accelerator

IDA and IDM, in my opinion, have only a difference of an ‘A’ and ‘M’ and a fact that the former is FREE. Internet Download Accelerator houses a number of features that are similar to IDM. However, the only downside of this manager is that it is so similar to IDM that it is compatible only with Windows OS.

To name a few, multilingual support, 5x download speed, audio, videos, themes, MP3 download, and so on are offered and that too free of cost. However, if you are looking forward to using IDA for professional use and even more features or simply advanced features than the free version, you can get the premium version for $9.95.

  • Free
  • very similar to IDM
  • not compatible with other OS than Windows
  • premium version for advanced features

Compatibility – Windows

CostFree, $9.95

Rating –  3.9☆/5☆

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3. Download Accelerator Plus

Another excellent IDM alternative is Download Accelerator Plus. This software stands true to its name by offering a great speed for downloading even large files. Along with speed, it ensures security by the DAP Link Checker through which one can check if the file you are downloading is valid or not along with security from viruses and malicious files.

Not just speed and security, but it offers a number of great features like multilingual support, Video preview using which one can watch the videos while they are getting downloaded, let’s download videos from video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

  • number of features
  • let’s convert videos to any format
  • 48 languages support
  • premium version

Compatibility – Windows, Mac

CostFree, premium

Rating –  4☆/5☆

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4. JDownloader

JDownloader houses a number of similar features as IDM like download resume, download speed, multilingual support, theme application and so on. But besides these, JDownloader also offers CAPTCHA solving automatically for a number of sites and all of the above for no cost at all.

In my opinion, JDownloader is just a free and extended version of IDM that has wide compatibility at 0 costs.

Compatibility – Windows, macOS, Linux, Java-based platforms


Rating –  4.8☆/5☆

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5. FlashGet Downloader

While our traditional Internet Download Manager offers a speed of 5x, FlashGet here is offering twice the speed as IDM. Yea. You read it right. FlashGet provides the users with a speed of 10 times in download.

It also includes other significant features apart from this like turning on the Antivirus security after the download is finished, the ability to create infinite download categories,  browser integration, integrated offline reader and so on.

  • Double the speed as IDM
  • restore antivirus after download
  • Integrated offline reader.
  • compatible only with Windows

Compatibility – Windows


Rating –  4.4☆/5☆

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6. Download Ninja

Not a software like IDM but Download Ninja is a Chrome extension. Being that, it is not necessary to download it over your system and then operate. You can simply go to Chrome and operate it. So although it might work on a lot of platforms, the browser has to be Chrome.

But don’t take it any less for being an extension. Even this chrome extension can offer you features like IDM. Fast downloading speed, resuming broken or paused downloads, theme application, multilingual support and so on.

  • features similar to IDM
  • Let’s you shred data and metadata
  • Works only for chrome browser.

Compatibility – Chrome


Rating –  4.7☆/5☆

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7. EagleGet

EagleGet would be a more modified alternative of IDM for it provides 6x download speed along with in-built malware antivirus software. Just like IDM, it offers high-speed download, fixing speed limits, browser integration, multilingual support, and so on. But the best part is, unlike IDM that requires other antivirus programs, EagleGet has its own malware checker antivirus.

  • In-built antivirus program
  • 6x download speed
  • compatible only with Windows.

Compatibility – Windows


Rating –  4.3☆/5☆

8. GoZilla! Download Manager

Gozilla Download Manager enhances the downloading speed, resumes paused downloads, let’s you see the download progress, and so on. this software also supports a number of web browsers and has compatibility for HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, HTTPS, FTPS protocols.

Compatibility – Windows


Rating –  3.8☆/5☆

9. uGet Download Manager

An open-source project having source code listed in the SourceForge, you can say it’s safe and secure to use. The app is available for all the major OS including Windows, Linux, Mac oS.

You can perform a number of functions like resuming the paused downloads, schedule downloads, download many files at one time and so on.

  • wide compatibility, similar features as IDM
  • not that we know of

Compatibility – Windows, Linux, macOS


Rating –  4.5☆/5☆

10. Orbit Downloader

If you are looking forward to downloading videos or files from social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, Rapidshare, MySpace and so on, the Orbit Downloader is the best option to go for.

With Orbit Downloader, it is possible to download files from web pages, social media sites, streaming sites, etc. with faster speed. It supports all the major browsers and Metalink along with supporting HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, FTP, RTSP and RTMP protocols.

  • best to download videos from Social media sites
  • Supports all major browsers, protocols,
  • not that we know of

Compatibility – Windows


Rating –  4.6☆/5☆


Those were the best IDM alternatives one could use for Downloading files and stuff over the internet with faster download speed and more security. Any of the above software would be perfect for you as they mostly offer the same features with only a few changes with respect to the speed of downloading and compatibility, etc. Go ahead and try as many of them as you can!

Stay tuned for more such updates!

Happy Androiding:-)

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