3 Steps to Fix Snapchat Could not Refresh Error

Fix “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error:– Snapchat and its filters have created a never-ending trend among teenagers who can hardly leave without it a day. The maintenance of Streak being one major reason. But what if a Snapchat lover with 100s of streaks gets error messages when they try to operate their Snapchat. Such feeling of annoyance can’t be put into words when you are kept away from your daily necessities. Most commonly a message reading- “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error. But not to worry as we have got covered for you a solution to fix this issue.

How to Fix _Snapchat Could not Refresh_

What is “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please try Again” Error?

At times, when you use your Snapchat or are surfing on it, in the stories section or in the chat section, you come across a notification- “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error. This notification simply means your Snapchat isn’t working. This could be temporary but it comes with a huge amount of annoyance. The reasons for this could be variable. Some of which are-

Causes for “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please try Again” Error:-

  • Weak Internet Connectivity.
  • Snapchat Server down.
  • Snapchat Not updated.

How to Fix “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error?

Given below are three methods through which you can Fix “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error. Updating Snapchat if an update is available is also one remedy for the cause.

Snapchat Could not Refresh

Method 1:- Toggle Mobile Data or Wi-Fi Switch

  • Poor or low internet connectivity may be one reason why your Snapchat is Showing- “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error.
  • If you are using a Wi-Fi, just unplug or switch your Wi-Fi Off and then after 10-15 seconds, turn it on again. This works for most of the times.
  • In case you are using Mobile data to use Snapchat, then go to settings> Mobile Data> Toggle it off and after a few seconds switch it on again.
  • It is recommended that you use mobile data instead of Wi-Fi since the former is more reliable. This is because Wi-Fi has a limited range and has area limitations as well. Whereas Mobile data has comparatively more range

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Method 2:- Check if Snapchat Server is Down

If the above process did not work for you and you still are stuck in the “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error, then its time you shift to this method.

Many times, the most probable reason for “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error is that the Snapchat Server goes down. Now this being a technical issue, may be a result of a number of reasons.

As Snapchat runs on a vast number of servers spread across the globe to make it accessible to everyone and everywhere. If any server goes down due to some issue, a number of people get affected by it as per the locality and consequently this will cause the “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error.

You will come to know if its the Snapchat Server down if all other apps and the browser of your device are working but only Snapchat isn’t responding or you can simply ask your friends who use Snapchat as well if their Snapchat is still responding.

The most reliable source to see if Snapchat server is down is by searching it over Google. You can type the question on Google- if Snapchat is down? and you will get a site that detects real-time server status- Downdetector.

At such point, you can do nothing but wait until the server gets back to its position. For fixing this issue, Snapchat does not take more than three to four hours. After that Snapchat will work as it used to earlier.

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Method 3:- Restart Device or Toggle Airplane Mode

If none of the above are useful to you, the last option you can try to fix “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error ASAP is by toggling the Airplane mode. You can also Restart your device but before that this one will serve a faster fix.

Rather than restarting your device toggling the Airplane Mode or Flight Mode will also act similarly.

Note:- As mentioned in the reasons for “Snapchat Could not Refresh, Please Try Again” Error, if there comes an update of Snapchat then you will have to update the app first. This will also work as a remedy if you haven’t updated Snapchat and are facing this issue.

Wrapping Up:-

Hope the article you just read was of use to you. In case you are still stuck in some steps or have any queries to ask about, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you ASAP.

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