Download MTK Droid Tool For Windows [100% Working]

Download MTK Droid Tool: If you own a MediaTek device and wish to root or flash it using the latest version of MTK Droid Tool, then, I must say you have dropped up at the exact place you should be. Here, in this article, I have mentioned for you the download links of various versions of MTK Droid Tool along with a complete guide on how you can root your MediaTek device using MTK Droid Tool. With that, there are some of the basics and features as well. Keep reading further for more.

What is MTK Droid Tool?

MTK Droid tool is a tool that allows you to perform different tasks that also include rooting your device, creating scatter or files what we also call as blocks for your MediaTek device and also in taking the backup of the stock firmware on your Android device and a lot more to the list.

It makes it easy to root Android devices with the 2.5.3 latest version of MTK Droid Tool. Just note that MTK Droid Tool was developed with the intention of supporting MediaTek devices only and hence it will not give any effective results as such when you give it a try on devices other than MediaTek.

Also, Flashing or rooting through this tool or anyhow can void the warranty of your device. There exists a chance of getting your device bricked as well. But that is not the case every time. So whatever you choose, choose it wisely.

Points to Consider:

MTK Droid Tool is made to work for MediaTek Devices only. It is only compatible with the same. Hence, note that it may not work well for other chipset devices. MTK Droid Tool does contain a malware which is present in Files> pwn. However, this file does not harm your computer or phone.

It does allow you to root your device. But if your antivirus software deletes it, the rooting feature will then not work. Also note that Rooting flashing IMEI may void the warranty of your device. You will have to beware of that. Best Guide to Change Android IMEI Number.

Download MTK Droid Tool

Download MTK Droid Root Tool

Pre Requisite to download MTK Droid Tools:

  1. MediaTek Device.
  2. Good, compatible and working USB Cable for the device.
  3. Windows PC.
  4. MTK USB Driver and MediaTek Vcom Driver
  5. Download PdaNet.
  6. Download MTK Root Tool.

How to Root MediaTek Device with MTK Flash Tool?

Given below is a step by step guide through which you can root the mediaTek device with the MTK flash Tool. However, before actually getting into the process of rooting, note that rooting your android device with flash tools like MediaTek MTK Droid tools is quite a lot risky if you are a newbie or have no knowledge of it.

Step 1. To begin with, the process of rooting, Go to Settings> Developer> Click on USB Debugging option.

Step 2. Now connect your MediaTek device with your PC through an appropriate USB Cable.

Step 3. You will now receive a message saying- “Drivers Successfully installed” at the time of completion of the installation process.

Step 4. Now you will need to run the Tool as Administrator. For which you will have to right click first and then select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Step 5. At the left side of the tool detects and displays device information.

Step 6. Then at the bottom of the screen, click on the Root option and if any window pops up asking permission or on mobile you receive any notification, click OK on it.

Step 7. Soon a progress bar will appear on the screen that will gradually turn yellow to green.

Step 8. Before rooting, click on the Backup Option and create a backup.

Step 9. Once the back up is finished, click on- To prepare blocks for flash tool.

Step 10. Now follow the instructions that show on the display and MDK Droid Tool will soon start rooting your MediaTek device.

And your job is done here! All you got to do now is wait. Soon the rooting process will be finished.

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How to Take BackUp of MTK Device using MTK Droid Tool?

Backing up your device is a crucial part and a prerequisite for customizing or even updating the device to the latest version any time. And hence we are here with a quick and easy guide on how to perform a back up of your MTK Device by the help of MTK Droid Tool.

But before getting into the actual process, here is a list of prerequisite you will need to attend in order to perform the backup.

  1. MTK Device.
  2. Good and Working USB Cables.
  3. MTK Droid tools. (Download Here.)
  4. Android ADB Drivers. (Download Here.)

Step 1. To begin the procedure of backing up your MTK phone data, firstly you will have to fulfill the pre-requirements. And then install the USB Drivers.

Step 2. Download and extract the MTK Droid Tool to the Desktop.

Step 3. Now Enable USB Debugging in Settings> Developer Options.

Step 4. Then connect your phone to PC.

Step 5. Launch the MTK Droid Tool.

Step 6. Now Click Root Button on the MTK Tools Window. This will allow root access to read your system files.

Step 7. A pop up will come over the screen. Click on YES option.

Step 8. Then head to the Root, Back Up, Recovery tab. Here, click on the option of Back Up.

Step 9. Wait until the back up is completed and once the Back up gets completed, you will have to go to the MTK Droid Folder in order to confirm the files.

And you are all done here backing up your MTK Device!

Features of MTK Droid Tool:

Even though the list of features of MTK Droid Tool goes a long way, here are a few highlighted features of the MTK Droid Tool to give you an overview of what you will be downloading in case you are a newbie.

1. Write IMEI

MTK Droid Tool allows you to backup and restore IMEI on any of the MediaTek devices. It also supports many other chipsets.

2. Root Android Device

With the MTK Droid Tool, you can root your Android device with one single click. All you will have to do is enable USB Debugging on your Android device. Then connect your device and click on the root in MTK Droid Tool option.

3. Back up Recovery

The backup recovery option in MTK Droid Tool allows you to back up the Stock recovery on your Android device and restore the recovery on your Android device as well.

4. Create Scatter File

You can create blocks, i.e., scatter files via MTK Droid Tool that will allow you to flash stock firmware on any of the MediaTek devices.

5. Backup Stock firmware

MTK Tool allows you to back up stock firmware on your MTK Device.

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Rounding Up:

In this Article, we have shown you how to download MTK Droid Tools and root MediaTek devices using the same tool. We have also shared with you all the highlighted features an alternative you could use for the tool.

Being one of the best tools to flash stock firmware, MTK Droid Tool allows you to Back up Recovery, Back up stock firmware, create blocks or also known as scattering files and also root your android device in a few simple steps. And with all of these, you can also write the IMEI.

If there is something we missed, you can tell us in the comment section below. Also, if you come across any problems while installation feel free to drop a comment in the comment box downsides. We will be glad to help you out. I hope you found our guide worth the time. Thank you for reading our article. Keep visiting our page Android Jungles for more such tech related articles.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Tech World Updates. Do make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for keeping updated with Technological affairs. If you have any doubts or question regarding the guide to root MediaTek devices process, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Happy Androiding😊

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