Best Roku Private Channels List + Codes {updated 2022}

If you are a person looking for the best Roku Private Channels then you might wanna check out the article below since it has all the best Roku Private Channels along with the Codes and the method to install Roku Private Channels. So what are you waiting for? let’s jump into the article!

What is Roku?

Roku is a streaming device that can be used by the users for streaming the contents on Television. One can connect this streaming stick to any of the devices that are supported like Smart TV and then stream online over the internet.

You will find more than 5000 Channels on Roku some of which are also private and hidden. Given below is an article that consists of the Setup procedure of Roku Streaming device along with the best Private Roku Channels, their access codes and a guide on how to install Roku Private Channels. So here we go –

How to Setup a Roku Streaming device?

Step 1. There is no lengthy process to Setup Roku Streaming device. All one has to do is Connect Roku Streaming device to the HDMI port of the Smart TV. Then you have to go through some steps for the initial setup.

Step 2. Now Connect Roku to the Internet.

Step 3. You will be shown some on-screen information for creating a Roku account. In case you already have a Roku account, just use it to Sign in.

Step 4. Once this is done, Roku will install a few default apps like Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, VLC, etc. for use.

Step 5. Roku does have some in-built apps but they are not sufficient enough to satisfy the users.

Step 6. If you are looking for more channels, you can add them through the Roku Store. These will the official channels. You will also find some free third-party channels on Roku. However, you will need the access or the invitation code of these channels.

Step 7. Below in this article, we have mentioned the best Roku Private Channels along with their Access Codes. You can use these codes to add the channels on Roku. There also is a guide on how you can install these channels on Roku. Keep reading.

Roku Private Channels are quite a risk to watch as they are streamed using the secret codes. And none of these channels are official hence Roku does not support them. Hence, it is essential that you keep yourself anonymous while using these channels. For this purpose, it is recommended that you use a VPN for Roku.

There are a number of VPNs available out there through which you can mask your IP Address and replace it with some duplicate one. This will help you keep anonymous. You can also make use of this VPN to use the geo-blocked Private channels. No matter where you are, you can watch any of the Private channels using a VPN.

Best Roku Private Channels 2022

Now that you now what Roku is and how one can setup a Roku streaming device, here is a list of the best Roku Private Channels. After that is a guide on how you can add private channels to Roku.

1. Nowhere TV

Code – H9DWC

  • Nowhere Vine – (Code – nowherevine)

You can play vines on Roku through this app.

  • Nowhere Bullet (Code – nowherebullet)

This screensaver app shows the Pushbullet notifications.

  • Nowhere Tweet (Code – V8MRS)

This is a Twitter Reader App and a Screensaver as well.

Nowhere TV is one of the most popular Roku Private Channels. The above-mentioned were the supporting apps of Nowhere. You can add the above apps using the same method you used for Nowhere that is mentioned below.

One can watch CNN International, NASA TV, BBC, TED Talks, CBS News Archives, Hubblecast HD, NBC Nightly News, Khan Academy Learning Videos, Al Jazeera, USN, Bloomberg Live News, Adult Swim Shows, White House Press Briefings and so on.

2. Roku Movies

Code – zb34ac

As one can guess by the name, Roku Movies is a famous movie channel for Roku. This private Channel. You will find a number of movies and also the old ones here, available in a wide range of categories like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Suspense, and so on.

3. Ace TV

Access Code – actv

Age Warning! If you are not an adult this is not the channel for you. It has been designed specifically for adults. You will find movies in the genres Horror, Suspense, Thriller, Action and so on. Many old classic movies have been enlisted here as well.

4. Unofficial Twitch

Access Code – TwitchTV

Unofficial Twitch is another very popular Roku private channel. With the unofficial app, one can watch all the twitch contents on Roku as well.

5. Great Chefs

Access Code – greatchefs

Great Chefs is another Private Roku Channel that also has a few cooking channels that range widely. Although you may not find all the sufficient channels at this one place,if you are a cooking freak then this is your spot.

6. The Internet Archive

Access Code – NMJS5

The Internet Archive, as one might have guessed by its name is a channel that offers old movies, TV Shows and cartoons as well. If you want to go down the memory lane of your childhood, The Internet Archive is here to help!

7. Maddy Mation


If Animal channels are what you prefer the most them Maddy Mation has got them all for you. There are no disturbing ads here and therefore you can have a seamless experience with this channel. Moreover, MaddyGTV has got a really cool collection of Anime and Cartoons. Some of which are independent as well.

8. Wilderness

Access Code – fl821095

Just as the name describes, Wilderness is one such Private Roku Channel that offers an amazing range of Animal Shows and can be a great substitute for any kind of animal channel.

9. m3u Black

Code – m3ublack

m3u Black is a really amazing Roku Private Channel. One can stream over thousands of channels directly from the m3u file. When you add this file to Roku, it acts as a playlist.

10. Amateurlogic

Access Code – Alogic

If DIYs, Creativity shows, Art Shows is what you are looking for then Amateurlogic has got them all for you. This channel is basically a video podcast offering content like Electronic projects, Raspberry Pi, Computers, Amateur Radio, Photography, and so on.

These were the most popular and used Roku Private Channels. In case you want to install any of the above channels, then here is a guide on how to install them –

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Install Roku Private Channels

In case you do not know, Roku has strict security norms and if you want to add a particular channel to the list, you will need the invitation code or access code for doing so.

After this section is a list of the Roku Private Channels Codes that will help you in adding Private Channels to Roku. Then you can follow the guide below to get your job done.

Step 1. To begin with, go to the official site of Roku. Over there, select the option of My Account and Sign in to your prevailing Account.

Best Roku Private Channels

Step 2. Now, under the Manage Account, select the ‘Add Channel with a Code’ option.

Best Roku Private Channels

Step 3. A pop up will then appear on the screen where you will have to enter the unique code of that channel.

Latest Roku Private Channels

Step 4. Then press the ‘Add Channel‘ option. As the channels mentioned here are private, you will be given a warning on the screen.

Step 5. Just click on the ‘OK‘ option. After this, you will be asked for a confirmation, where you will have to select ‘Yes, add channel’.

Roku Private Channels

Step 6. Now is the time where your patience is required the most as the time needed for the channels on Roku is nearly 24 hours. You can, however, check that when you want by going to the Settings> System> System Update> Check Now.

That’s how one can add private channels to Roku. I assume you have understood the complete procedure. Below is the list of Roku Private Channel Codes that you will need to use the Private channels on Roku.

Roku Private Channels Codes

1Nowhere TVH9DWCFree
2Unofficial TwitchTwitchTVFree
6Great ChefsgreatchefsFree
7Ace TVacetvFree
8Roku Movieszb34acFree
9Maddy MationMADDYMATIONFree
10m3u Blackm3ublackFree
11Redbox Digital BetaRBXDIGITALPPV
12Neon Party GamesH2CLHP$1.99 (to remove ad)
16Back from the GraveBFTGFree
17Toonami Aftermath TVRRNNKLQFree
19Super StalkerSTBEMUFree
21Syntrix BetasynctrixbetaFree
22Hero TalkiesherotalkiesFree
23MaddyGTV Late NightMGTVLNFree
24Cannabis ChannelSPTFMFree

Concluding Part –

That was it all about Roku Private Channels. I assume you have all found the article of use and are currently using these channels through the access codes and installation guide provided. Again, I would like to bring your attention to the point that these channels are not official and hence restricted by Roku. It is better that you use a VPN service to keep your identity anonymous.

Happy Androiding:-)