idea USSD Codes – Complete Updated List to Check Balance

Idea USSD Codes (2020):-  If you do not know what USSD code is, then remember, USSD is called Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. All you have to do is simply type the working Idea USSD code in Dialer and dial it.

If you are an idea user, at times, you might want to check your account balance, check data balance, activate or deactivate services on an idea. You can use the given below Idea USSD Codes which are the same as Balance Check codes and offer codes.

How to Check Idea Balance?

Here is an easy method on how to check balance in Idea SIM

  • Dial Exactly Number Like *123#.
  • Press the call button.
  • You can activate or deactivate any services you want with the help of Idea Balance Check USSD codes.
  • To check Idea balance for your own Idea number dial Dial *456#

idea USSD Codes – Complete Updated List to Check Balance

Here we have provided a list of all the most commonly used Idea USSD Codes in a List.

Idea USSD codes 2020

All Idea USSD Codes List 2020 –

Idea USSD Codes Detail Idea USSD Code
Main Balance Check Code *131*3#
Offer Check Code *121#
Number Check Code *131*1#
Net Balance Check Code *125#
Previous Recharge Check Code *121*4*1*5#
Self Care Menu Code *121*4#
USSD Idea Talktime Balance Check Code *131*3#
Talktime Balance Transfer USSD Code *191# 2nd
Own Number Check Code *131*1#
Main Menu USSD code *121*4#
Account Balance Check USSD Code *131*3#
Best Offer Check Code *121#
Best Internet Offer Check USSD Code *122#
Last 5 Calls Details Check Code *121*4*1*1#
Last 3 Recharge Check USSD Code *121*4*1*5#
Talktime Loan USSD Code *150*10#
Data Loan USSD Code SMS “ICREDIT” to 144
My Own Number Check USSD Code *131*1#
Number check USSD Code *121*4*1*4#
Last 5 SMS Detail Check Code *121*4*1*2#
Last 5 Data Usage Check Code *121*4*1*3#
Data Notification Start USSD Code *121*4*2*1#
Data Notification Stop USSD Code *121*4*2*2#
3G Internet Plan Detail USSD Codes *121*4*3*1#
2G Internet Plan Detail USSD Codes *121*4*3*2#
Zero Rental *121*4*3*1# , 1
RC26 Data Pack USSD Code *121*4*3*1# , 2
RC44 Internet Pack USSD Code *121*4*3*1# & 3
RC102 Internet Pack USSD Code *121*4*3*1# & 4
RC198 Internet Pack USSD Code *121*4*3*1# & 5
RC249 Internet Pack USSD Code *121*4*3*1# & 6
RC347 Net  Pack USSD Code *121*4*3*1# & 7
RC455 Net Pack USSD Code *121*4*3*1# & 8
RC852 Data Pack USSD Code *121*4*3*1# & 9
GPRS Setting Check Code *121*4*3*2# and 1
Dialer Tone Check USSD Codes *121*4*4*1#
Dialer tones USSD Check Code *121*4*4*2#
Dial tones Check Code *121*4*4*3#
MCI Info Check USSD Code *121*4*4*4#
VAS Servies Check USSD Code *121*4*4*5#
Store Check USSD Codes *121*4*5#
Festive Days Check Codes *121*4*6*1#
Activation Date Check code Check *121*4*6*3#
BAR Service Check USSD Code *121*4*6*4#
DND Service Check USSD Code *121*4*6*5#
My Offers Check Code *121*4*6*6#
Roaming Charges Check Code *121*4*7*1#
RC5 Roaming USSD Code Idea  *121*4*7*2#
RC6 Roaming USSD Code Idea *121*4*7*3#
RC62 Roaming USSD Code Idea *121*4*7*4#
RC78 Roaming USSD Code Idea  *121*4*7*5#
International Roaming Packs USSD Code *121*4*7*6#
Full Talktime Recharge USSD Code *121*4*8*1#
Local Recharge USSD Code *121*4*8*2#
STD Recharge USSD Code *121*4*8*3#
Number To Activate Idea GPRS service Number To ”FRESH”  To 4666
Number To Activate 3G Idea Service ”ACT 3G” To 12345
Number To Activate Idea Live Tv ”3GTV” To 54777
Number To Deactivate 3G idea services ”DEACT 3G” To 12345
Number To Get Idea GRPS setting  ”SET” To 12345

How to Check IDEA Net Balance 2020 USSD?

  • Dial the below numbers on your Dialpad to check Idea data-
  • Idea internet pack – *125#
  • Idea Data check – 3G net -*125#
  • 4G – *125#

How to check Last Recharge in idea?

If you want to check the details of the last recharge you made on your idea number, simply follow the below steps –

  • Open Dial pad on your Device having Idea SIM.
  • Dial *121*4*1*5# in order to check Idea last recharge.

How to check offers in Idea?

You can check offers in Idea by dialing *121# in the dial pad of the device shaving idea SIM.

How to check Idea Validity?

For Idea Validity Check & calling balance check, dial *131*1#.

Final Verdict

These were all the essential and most commonly used Idea USSD Codes. These codes can help you know balance and offers on idea sim.

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Happy Androiding 🙂