Hey Readers, I hope you all are enjoying our previous articles. So, In this article, we will share step by step guide on How to delete Textnow account. Keep reading.

The question here is, How to delete Textnow account? So, unfortunately, there is no way to delete Textnow account permanently. But there are some partial methods. I will share these methods with you here.

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What is Textnow? Basic details you need to know.

Textnow is one of the best and free VoIP calling companies. Textnow is a free calling app that allows users to call or text using the internet. Textnow allows users from the USA and Canada to make unlimited free calls and texts all over the country.

Textnow gives you the individual phone numbers to use for free unlimited texting and calling. But the service is free in the USA and Canada. Textnow also has some paid plans, which provides calling and texting with cheap fixed rates.

You can use Textnow on your Android, iOS devices. You can also use Textnow from your PC. So, in my opinion, Textnow is a very great platform to use as a VoIP.

Here, the question is what is what is VoIP and Textnow works over VoIP?

Well, VoIP is Voice over internet protocol. And yes Textnow works over VoIP. So, you need Good internet connection to use Textnow for calling and Texting.

If you want to use the Textnow app or website here are the links for Textnow.

Why do you need to delete Textnow account even though it’s the best and free calling app?

Before we let you know “How to delete Textnow account”, I need to make you aware of possibilities you wish to delete Textnow account.

The first possibility – As I have told in the above paragraph that you just need a good internet connection to use Textnow and if you don’t have a good internet connection then you can’t use Textnow properly. So, you need to delete Textnow account if you have this possibility.

The second possibility – Textnow is collecting and storing your data because of security reasons. Textnow is a free VoIP calling and texting service. So, Tetxnow collects users data for security & legal issues if any user misuses Textnow app.

So, if you have any concerns about your data and privacy then you must need to delete Textnow account. So, this is the second possibility.

The third possibility – Textnow sends promotional emails to their users. So, this is the possibility to delete Textnow account if you wish t get rid of these types of spammy emails.

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Now, let’s move to our actual question of how to delete Textnow account and let’s come to its solution.

How To Delete TextNow Account?

There is no way to delete Textnow account permanently. But there is some alternate method to partially delete it. So, here I will share these methods on how to delete Textnow account.

The first method Delete Textnow app from Phone.

  1. Open the Textnow app on your phone.
  2. Logout from Textnow.
  3. Uninstall & remove the Textnow app from your phone.
  4. Don’t use the Textnow app and remain inactive.
  5. If you don’t use the app for 3 days then your allotted number will be deleted.

This is not the deletion of Textnow. But the alternate method is to temporarily deactivate the account.

The second method – Remove personal data from Textnow.

In this method, your personal data will be changed to the fake data that you have replaced. So, this way your concern about privacy is solved. So, this is the best method for your question of how to delete Textnow account.

  1. Open the Textnow website from your browser.

    open textnow
  2. Login to your account by providing your login credentials.

    Login to textnow
  3. Click on settings from the left side menu bar.

    click on settings
  4. Find the name, username and email field.
  5. Change the details to any random fake details like del@inactive.com or something.

    Change email
  6. Now log out from Textnow. And if you will inactive for 3 days your number will be deleted.


The third method – This method is for paid subscribers. Just cancel the subscription.

If you have followed the above two methods then your personal data will be removed from Textnow. But if you are a premium subscriber then you need to delete your subscription otherwise you will get your bill at your billing dates.

So, please follow the below steps.

  1. Open Textnow app.
  2. From the menu click on My Account.
  3. Scroll down and find cancel my subscription.
  4. Click on “cancel my subscription.”

This is the alternate method to delete Textnow account for paid users.

I am sure that you have one more question for me. And here it is.

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My data will be removed after deleting Textnow account?

There is no option to wipe all data from Textnow. But from the above method, I am sure that your email and personal information will be removed. But Textnow keeps your data for legal issues and to track misuse.

So, there is a method for wiping up the shared data by you on Textnow. Just drop a mail at security@textnow.com and tell the valid reason to wipe up all the data.

Please find some frequently asked questions related to our topic on “How to delete Textnow account”.

FAQs –

How to delete Textnow account on iPhone?

Yes, you can partially deactivate Textnow. Follow the steps: Open app > logout > uninstall > and don’t use it for 3 days and it will be deactivated.

Can I delete my free Textnow account?

Yes, you can do it via the alternate method. It will not delete your account permanently. But you can deactivate the account by following first method.

Can I cancel My paid subscription of Textnow?

Yes, You can. Please follow this steps: Open app > Find my account > click cancel my subscription.

Can anyone track my Textnow mobile number?

Yes, it’s possible. Textnow collects and stores the data on cloud server to protect the misuse of their service. So, if anything wrong or you misuses then legal entity can track your Textnow number.

How can I remove email from my Textnow account?

Yes, you can just follow the steps. Open Textnow web > Login > Settings > Email. And change your email there.

Final verdict –

We have shared all the information related to your question about how to delete Textnow account. So, my final words are there is no way to delete Textnow account. But as we have suggested some alternative methods you can use to get your solution about how to delete Textnow account.

So, that’s all from my side regarding how to delete Textnow account..

Let me know your views in the comments.

Happy Androiding…