How To Block Someone On Hangouts. Explained In Easy Steps.

Hey People, In this article, I will be sharing with you a detailed tutorial on how to block someone on hangouts. All possible details and methods about how to block someone on hangouts.

So, let’s start with our tutorial.

Basic Details –

Are you finally done dealing with annoying people? Are your relatives bugging you with unnecessary photos? No worries Here’s how to block someone on Hangouts.

Especially if you are managing multiple instances of Google Hangouts in Shift, those bothersome messages can add up quickly! Just make sure that you are blocking the individual from all of the Google accounts you don’t want to see them pop up.

Although, you will have some guilt when you block someone on any platform. What if they find that you have blocked them. Google hangout is a great option to chat and hang remotely. You can chat or do video calls with your friends or contacts using the desktop or web version of your hangout or using the hangout app.

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Sometimes, you feel that online meet-ups, video calls, and chats are fun but you know that sometimes you face and different experiences, rudeness from people, or even abuse from others. Sometimes you also get spammy messages or cheap messages. So, for that reason you might want to block your contacts that are bothering you. Well, this article on how to block someone hangouts is for you.

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So, here’s the solution about how to block someone on hangouts.

How to Block Someone on Hangouts Through Mobile

If you’re using Hangouts on Android or iOS, know that you can simply block anyone who bothers you or gives you trouble.

The instructions are the same for iOS and Android devices –

  1. Launch the Hangouts app on your mobile device.
  2. Open a conversation window.
  3. From top right corner select More.
    click on 3 dot icon
  4. Then, tap on People.
    Click on people
  5. Select the person or contact that you want to block.
    Select the contact that you want to block
  6. Tap on block.
    Tap on block

Finally, confirm your action with Block.

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How to Block Someone On Hangouts Web

You can block people on Google Hangouts web, via any internet browser on your computer. Follow the instructions for blocking –

  1. Open the Google Hangouts web page and log in.
  2. You’ll land on the Conversations tab. Choose the contact that you would like to block.
  3. From conversation window, select the settings.
  4. Choose to Block or Report them. (You can also report the person if the person have abused you or done anything wrong with you.)
  5. Confirm your selection.

These are the two methods on how to block someone on Hangouts. Now, let me share some more details about blocking someone on Hangouts.

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More details that you might need to know –

Before you start blocking people on Google Hangouts, you should know how it works. The first thing that you might note is, you will not able to get any calls and messages from blocked contact. After you block anyone on hangouts, with the hangouts the contact is blocked also on Google chat, Google Voice, and Google photos as well.

Same as blocking if you unblock someone on hangouts, the contact is unblocked on other Google services as well.

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You can also block a person in your Google Hangouts group chat. Blocking someone on group chat won’t remove them from the group chat.

Get notified of you blocking someone. Even after blocking, the blocked ones can see your notification but you can’t see their notification. Other contacts in your group won’t be affected.

Well, this is all our tutorial on how to block someone on Hangouts. Now, let me share my views on it.

Conclusion –

I think we have given all information about blocking someone on Hangouts through the web and mobile phones. I am sure that you have learned all about blocking on hangouts.

Let me know if you have questions in the comments below.

Happy Androiding…..