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Download YOWhatsApp APK:- Are you bored of the age-old traditional WhatsApp? Are you looking for a way through which you can modify your WhatsApp? Then, my friend, you have dropped in the right place! In this article, we are sharing with you an amazing mod apk which you can use to avail some amazing features on WhatsApp!

In order to remove limitations put by the developers of a specific application, here WhatsApp, and provide users a more wide range of options and features, various mods are produced by developers around the globe. Of which the GBMods is most famous for WhatsApp. And one of these mods that we are discussing in this article is the Y0WhatsApp APK.

What is YoWhatsapp Anti Ban?

YoWhatsapp APK is basically a modded version of WhatsApp. This apk comes with a lot of amazing features that include- message scheduler, hiding blue tick, last seen, online status, many themes to shift from and to and a lot more. YoWhatsapp can be considered as a clone for the official Whatsapp.

The app removes limitations like a blue tick after seeing someone’s message and lets others wonder how you replied to them without even seeing their text. If you are looking for more extended features and variability from WhatsApp original app then YOWhatsApp is what you must have!

Latest YoWhatsApp is indeed one of the toughest competitions to its very famous opponent- GBWhatsApp for Android phone. So what are we waiting for, let us begin with it-

In today’s article, we will be sharing with you the YOWhatsApp Download APK Latest version link, the method of installation for the same, some of the cool features this apk gives you and a lot more!

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Download YOWhatsApp APK Latest Version

App NameYOWa APK
APK Version7.90
Total Downloads2.0 Million
AuthorYousef Al Basha
APK Size47 MB
Last Updated4 March 2019

Prerequisite to Install YoWhatsApp APK

Given below are a few necessities that you will have to complete before getting into the Installation guide.

  • Enable Unknown Sources option from the Settings> Security> Enable Unknown Sources to toggle on your Android device.
  • Download YoWhatsApp Apk from the download link given above.
  • Take a backup of your chat before installing YoWhatsApp. You can do so by going to the Official WhatsApp>Menu (Three dots on the top right side) > Settings> Chat Section> Chat Backup> Click on Green Backup button.

 How to Install Y0Whatsapp on Android

Given below is a step-by-step guide on how to install YOWhatsApp on Android device. Just follow the steps carefully and make sure you have first followed the prerequisites.

Step 1:– Assuming that you have followed the prerequisite we can begin with the installation process.

Step 2:- When you have downloaded the apk file, open it from the File Manager or directly from the Notification bar.

Step 3:- After opening the file, you will see an Install button. Click on it to begin the installation.


Step 4:- Soon the apk will be installed and then you can open the app after which you will have to enter your mobile number for activating your account.


Step 5:- After the verification, you will be all set to enjoy YOWhatsApp apk and all of its features.


Features of YoWa APK Anti Ban

Mentioned below are some of the most highlighted and amazing features of YOWhatsApp APK. To know how effective the below features are, we would recommend you to first use the original WhatsApp and then move to YoWhatsApp.


One of the major concerns of almost every person today is Privacy. But thanks to YoWhatsApp apk which has made sure that no user’s privacy is violated in any way. In fact, the users of YoWhatsApp enjoy more privacy than any WhatsApp user!

You will be wondering how?! Through YoWhatsApp, you can select whom you want to call you i.e. the ‘Who Can call me?’ feature. With this option, You can select any of the following- Everyone, My Contacts, My Contacts except…, Select Contacts or Nobody.

Another major privacy feature is Hide View Status. You can simply go through everyone’s status on your WhatsApp contacts list but no one would see your name on their status views! You can also Hide your last seen but see others. Apart from this, you can use the feature of Anti-delete messages. Thus, your contacts will not be able to delete messages for you.

In the YoWhatsApp apk, if you want to see the above privacy-related options then follow this path-

Menu>YoMods>Privacy> Choose as per your wish.

Not done yet! Here are a few more things that will ensure your privacy in the YoWhatsApp- Hide Blue Ticks, Hide Blue Microphone, Hide Typing, Hide Second Tick, Hide recording, and show blue tick after replying. Now isn’t that cool and slightly different from other GB Mods?


Now you might be wondering about the heading mentioned here. Quite confusing, but what I meant was that you can also send messages to those people who are not even in your Contacts. Isn’t that amazing?

Although WhatsApp messenger is for contacting people who are close to you but many times we do feel the need of texting a contact but not saving it on your device. Not to worry with YoWhatsApp as you can now send messages to people not in your contacts too.

You can make this temporary adjustment by going to the-

Menu>Send Messages> Type Number with its country code> Send or Call.

Is that not easy with YoWa?

Two In One Account

Not exactly two-in-one account but yes, you can use two WhatsApp accounts in one app- YoWa. As Dual SIM phones are becoming more popular these days, people tend to have two WhatsApp Accounts as well and to handle both these accounts, it becomes very inconvenient to switch on Original WhatsApp.

So recognizing your needs, here we have mentioned the solution to this problem. Using YoWhatsApp apk, you do not have to worry about switching accounts. You can easily run two accounts without any issues.

Hide Media from Gallery

The most awkward times are when you have to face the look you get when someone goes through your gallery. Not all of us are saints. But everyone does get affected negatively when someone exploits their privacy through the gallery.

And understanding your concerns, YoWa has made sure your privacy at least through WhatsApp media is not exploited. You will be wondering how? Well, you can easily hide the photos, GIFs, and videos from the Gallery by following these steps-

Menu>YoMods> Hide Media from Gallery> Photos/ GIFs/ Videos

If you want to see the media, then you can see it through the File Manager.


If you are customization fan then YoWa is the best option for you. You can literally alter each and every section of the User Interface in this app. Thus you can hardly get bored of using it!

You can change the colors of the Status bar, navigation bar, Action bar Text, and Background. If you are willing to make changes in the style of this app then Fonts, Notification icons and have a dark UI as Night Mode.

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Original WhatsApp does not allow to change the theme of your WhatsApp except the Chat Background. However, with YoWa, you can alter themes too.

The best part here is that you are not required to download any additional app for using themes as you have to do with GB Wa. You can simply change themes through this app without any hurdles.


No! That wasn’t just it! Here are some more features that will keep you astound once you go through them. And I am sure, if you were not yet sure of whether or not to download this apk then here is the list that will make sure you download YOWhatsApp APK.

  • Increase Video Limit- You can extend the Video Limit to 700 MB while sending any video from YoWhatsApp.
  • Status Time Increased– You can send status for a time period of 5 Minutes. This time limit is only 30 seconds for original Wa.
  • Increase Image Sharing Limit– You can send more than 10 images in one click.
  • Frequent Updates– The app gets timely updated and these updates are one of the reasons this app is becoming so popular.
  • Multi-Lingual Support– The YoWa app supports many languages which include- English, Marathi, Italian, Arabic, Espanol, Bahasa Malaysian, Turkish, German, Portuguese, Russain.
  • Show Always Online- Even if you are not online or not using the app, you will be shown as Online to others.
  • Disable Switching- You do not have to now switch between the speaker and earpiece,
  • DP in Chat Screen- The contacts DP of any contact will be shown in the Chat Screen.
  • Full Resolution pictures
  • Launcher Icons– You get the choice to select from many icons.

These were some of the features of YOWhatsApp APK. I can assure you once you start using this mod apk, you will yourself realize that this app makes so many difference when you shift from WhatsApp original app to YOWhatsAPP.

How to Install YoWhatsApp with Chat Restoring

Follow the Prerequisite and steps up to Step 3 of the above ‘how to install YoWhatsApp on Android’ guide.

Step 1:- After you have installed YoWhatsApp with the help of the above guide, open YoWhatsAPP.

Step 2:- You will be now given two buttons- One red saying ‘Restore‘ and the other green saying ‘Agree and Continue‘ Tap on both the options.

Step 3:- The next step will be the number verification. Below which you will see a button saying- ‘Copy WhatsApp Data‘. Click on the same.

Step 4:– On the next screen, you will see a green Restore button. Click on it.

All your chats will be restored from SD Card. Be patient until the process is finished.

Final Words

This was all regarding YoWhatsapp Latest Download for Android. Hope you all found it useful. We have also mentioned how you can install YoWhatsapp on your Android phone. Now you can Enjoy Fantastic features which are provided by Latest YoWhatsapp.

If you guys have any doubt regarding the article or you are stuck at any of the steps of the mentioned procedure, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.  Keep visiting our page- Android Jungles for more such APKs.

 Happy Androiding 🙂