How to use Samloader to download updates for Samsung Galaxy devices

In this article, we will be showing you How to use Samloader to download updates for Samsung Galaxy device.

Many Samsung users are advanced and it’s nothing wrong with them to jump to the latest available firmware update for their device. With its wide range of devices and regular updates, many Samsung users always seek to download the latest updates.

Unfortunately, Samsung offers no such significant way of installing the latest updates. Although it has its Samsung Smart Switch App and the traditional built-in Update checker, users are always looking for some better and Advanced options like Frija Tool and  Odin Flash Tool and now the newly added  Heimdall Flash tool.

But the thing is none of the above firmware download tools is open source. And this downloaded has been coded in python. Thus users can use the tool on any operating system.

Also, Samloader is a cross-platform CLI tool that gets the latest firmware updates without using any proprietary DLL. The tool is again so small in size, less than 100KB. So if you are interested in the tool and want to use Samloader to download updates for Samsung Galaxy devices, follow the guide below.

Use Samloader to download updates for Samsung Galaxy device


Here is a simple guide on how you can use Samloader to download Updates on Samsung Galaxy Devices –

  • First of all install Python 3 and pip.
  • Now Download the codebase of Samloader from here or simply clone the repository using git –
    git clone
  • Next, install using pip –
    cd samloader
    pip3 install .
  • Now check the latest firmware version for your model –
    samloader checkupdate [model] [region]
  • For instance, if you need to find out the latest firmware for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, then enter the following –
samloader checkupdate SM-G988U TMB
  • Then Download the specified firmware version for a given device and region to a specified file or directory –
    samloader download [version] [model] [region] [out]
  • Now Decrypt the encrypted firmware artefacts –
    • For enc2 encrypted firmware:
      samloader decrypt2 [version] [model] [region] [infile] [outfile]
    • For enc4 encrypted firmware:
      samloader decrypt4 [version] [model] [region] [infile] [outfile]

I hope you all could easily use Samloader to download updates on Samsung Galaxy device. In case of any doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Happy Androiding:-)