How to use copy and paste on Android

How to use copy and paste on Android: The entire world shall always be indebted to Larry Tesler, the cut/copy and paste. This though is quite simple yet an essential function and has literally become an irreplaceable part of computing. We cannot imagine a digital world without copy and paste. It becomes just impossible to again write the same thing again in case copy and paste didn’t exist. As a known fact that with time mobile phones have emerged as the standard device where most of our day-to-day typing occurs. 

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So in here let us have a look at how one can copy text from one place and paste it to another. It is to be noted that the process is definitely quite different from a computer, and that is exactly why we are going to provide you with a step-wise guide and remove any doubts or confusion that you might have. So without any more delay let us get into the details of how to get this process started.  

How to use copy and paste on Android

Image Credits: Tech Advisor

So like most of us already know how much we use copy and paste even when we are using our mobile at the time we might need to copy a piece of text either from a website or some document. However, doing so is a pretty easy job and can be done in just a matter of a few clicks. The steps of the same are mentioned below…

Step 1: At first, you need to do is open the website or document from where one would want to copy that particular text from.

Step 2: Once you are done with that you need to do is scroll down the page in order to locate the text.

Step 3: Then after that, you need to is tap on the first word of the text you would want to copy and then drag till the last word.

Step 4: Then you also have the option to adjust the words as in which to include and which to exclude as well.

Step 5: In case you would want to copy all the available content on that page then simply tap on the Select All option.

Step 6: Then once you have adjusted and decided your content to be copied then you can find the copy option in the menu which automatically pops up, select it. 

Step 7: Now the tex is copied, so now all you have left to do is paste it where ever you would want