Root Xiaomi Poco X2/Redmi K30 using Magisk

Rooting is one of the amazing things you can do with your Android device. Rooting gives you the complete admin-level access and a huge scope for modification and customization. If you own a Poco X2/Redmi K30 device and are looking for a way to root it, here is a complete guide on how you can root Poco X2 using Magisk –

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Root Xiaomi Poco X2/ Redmi K30 using Magisk

Before getting into the three-step guide, here are a few requirements you need to follow first –


  • While performing any system-related procedure, it is very important to take a complete backup of your device data. Such processes can result in wiping out all the data on your device including Photos, Media, Audio, Videos, contacts, and so on. Hence, a complete backup is very essential.
  • You will have to Unlock Bootloader on POCO X2/Redmi K30. You can follow the short and easy article here to unlock bootloader.
  • Download and install the latest Xiaomi USB Drivers.
  • Download ADB and Fastboot Tools on your PC. Or else, you can also Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool on Windows
  • Make sure to have at least 70% battery power while performing the rooting procedure. Or else, you will have to begin from scratch if your device switches off in between.

Step 1. Download Stock Boot Image

In order to root your Poco X2, you will have to first download Stock Boot Image for your device. You will have to download the stock boot image that corresponds with the MIUI Software version only. No other version different than the software version will work.

For Xiaomi Poco X2 –

For Xiaomi Redmi K30 –

Step 2. Patch Stock Boot Image using Magisk

Now you will have to Patch Stock Boot image with the help of Magisk. You can use a pre-patched image as well but patching the stock image using Magisk will create and store a backup of the stock boot image of your device. So this backup can be used whenever you want to unroot your device or install OTA Updates.

Now in order to patch the stock boot image, follow the below short guide –

  • Using USB Cables, connect your POCO X2 to the PC.
  • Move the Downloaded Stock boot image to the internal storage of the device.
  • Download Magisk Manager APK and install it on your Redmi K30.
  • Once installed, launch the Magisk Manager app.
  • Go to ‘install’> ‘install’> ‘Select and patch a file’.
  • Choose the Stock Boot image so as to patch it.

Soon Magisk Manager will download Magisk Manager and also patch the stock boot image of your device. The patched boot image will be saved in the Download folder.

Step 3. Flash Patched Stock Boot image

In this step, we will flash the Patched boot Image on your POCO X2 using Fastboot.

  • Move the patched boot image from the download folder of the internal storage of your device to the folder on PC where ADB and Fastboot tools have been installed. For instance, ‘C:\platform-tools’ on Windows or ‘Documents/platform-tools’ on macOS/Linux.
  • Then Switch off your Poco X2 and boot it into Fastboot mode.
  • Using USB cables, connect your device to the PC.
  • Now launch the command-line window on your PC. For Windows PC, Open the folder where the Android SDK platform-tools are installed (e.g. C:\platform-tools). Then hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard and right-click on any empty space inside this folder. Select the ‘Open PowerShell window here’ option.
  • For Mac OS or Linux, launch the Terminal and change its directory (using ‘cd’ command) to the folder where the Android platform-tools are installed. For instance, if the tools are installed in ‘username>/Documents/platform-tools’, then the command should look like –
cd Documents/platform-tools
  • Now enter the below command to make sure that your Poco X2 is successfully being detected by the PC over fastboot –
    fastboot devices
  • This command will output the ID of your device. In case it does not, make sure that you have updated USB Drivers.
  • Lastly, enter the below command so as to flash the patched boot image so as to root Poco X2.
fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img
  • Now reboot your device by entering the below command –
fastboot reboot

Once your device is rebooted, it will boot into System OS rooted with Magisk. You can check if it has been rooted or not by launching Magisk Manager app.

I hope you have successfully rooted your Poco X2 using the above guide. In case you are stuck at any of the above steps or have any doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

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