Lucky Patcher V8.7.4 Download Latest APK

Are you a Game Freak or a droid freak who loves to explore newer apps and sources to make the fun to its fullest on android.

However, many of you cannot make it to the fullest since these app developers add in it stuff that you will need to purchase or using and hence arises a need for a software that would help to make through these in-app purchases and other stuff grabbing money from you like ads.

Lucky Patcher Apk is one such software that allows you to have your hands on most of the paid things in an app.

Download Lucky Patcher apk

Yes, you read it right. Lucky Patcher is one such app for android that would make it possible for you to hack the in-app purchases, what used to cost you several bucks would now cost you 0.

Not only this but you can get the whole control on your Android device, letting you keep only the content you want in it, including system or in-built apps.

Want to grab this incredible tool and have an unrestricted command over your phone, let us then first know some basic things and features about Lucky Patcher and then head on to the step-by-step download and install guide.


What is Lucky Patcher Apk 2020?

Lucky Patcher 2020 is an app that proves to be a boon to those who love android games and apps to have their hands on.

Lucky Patcher is a tool that can crack most of the android games so as to enjoy them to the fullest without worrying about the points or character or lives that otherwise, you would have to buy spending bucks.

There are millions and zillions of apps and games that you surely addicted to some of them are. But not every app or game can be availed to its fullest without paying for the in-app purchases.

Now, this isn’t pocket-friendly for many people. Spending money that you earned with plenty of hard work on some virtual entertainment purpose is not really acceptable to everybody.

Lucky Patcher Apk gives you that golden opportunity of using these all features without having to pay anything at all.

You can also change app permissions, remove license verification, and so many experiments resulting in a complete change in your android device. The Patcher is developed by ChelpuS.


Hack In-App Purchase

Hack In-App Purchase in Lucky Patcher Apk

You can make all the premium or paid stuff absolutely free to use with the help of this app. There won’t be any need of paying for any character, points, or lives in any game.

The LP bypass makes the content of any app free to use. However, this feature may not surely work for highly secured servers. But in general, it works for most of the popular and played apps and games. You can Use Lucky patcher games to crack Games.

Remove License Verification

Remove License Verification In Apps

You can remove the license verification from any of the android apps which proves to be one amazing feature indeed. There seem to be a few apps that start up with license verification error as they are downloaded from unknown sources but you can surely fix them using Lucky Patcher apk.

Remove Ads

Remove Ads From Application

Many times we face these irrelevant and useless ads that interrupt much in our gaming experience or while exploring any app. But now with the help of this app, you can actually get rid of these ads and have an overall smoother experience. Without google ads patch you can easily remove these ads within a few clicks.

Move Apps to SD Card

Lucky Patcher V8.7.4 Download Latest APK

Android apps use much more device storage so as to save cache and obb data files. This surely results in high usage of the internal storage that can create problems for installing other new apps or saving new data. This might have been experienced by many people, I assume.

Convert App to System App

Convert App to System App

It isn’t a new thing that many apps are much more important than the inbuilt system apps. With this feature, you can give them their actual place by simply converting any app you want to the system app.

Custom Patches

Lucky Patcher V8.7.4 Download Latest APK

You get a wide range of custom patches for your apps. Custom patches are custom mods and tweaks that modify an app for unlocking premium features or grabbing free availabilities.

You can call it a kind of hack and this can be used only for selected apps having custom patches available created by developers.

Change App Permissions

Lucky Patcher V8.7.4 Download Latest APK

You can change the app permissions using Lucky Patcher and this would end up in allowing you to make administrator-level changes in the app, Whatever they may be.

Modded Play Store

Lucky Patcher V8.7.4 Download Latest APKModded Play Store

You can install a modded play store with the help of Lucky Patcher. Through the modded play store, you can use the protected apps with google license verification library without cracking them. You can verify the license in offline mode and disable self-update and a lot more.

Remove System Apps

Lucky Patcher V8.7.4 Download Latest APK

You can clear up space by removing those irrelevant and worthless apps that are inbuilt in the system. This would make you some space for other important apps for you or just giving you additional space.

Backup Apps and Data

Lucky Patcher V8.7.4 Download Latest APK

You can easily backup your important files and data by using Lucky Patcher. You can save the backup of the app in the external file. This can later be imported into your Cloud or PC. That means you can easily retrieve the data from any of the saved locations.

Unlimited Access to Game Resources

Lucky Patcher V8.7.4 Download Latest APK

With Lucky Patcher, comes an opportunity that serves you giving limitless access to the points, characters, lives, weapons, or whatever that otherwise would have to be brought by paying a good amount for it.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk for Android Devices

App Name Lucky Patcher
Root Yes and No
Category Hacking Tools
Installs 100 Million+
Required OSAndroid 2.0+
Last UpdatedJuly 2019


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Before heading on to the actual process of downloading and install the app, make sure you have the following requirements up to mark so that you can easily follow the steps and have a hand on LP. Otherwise, this process would mean useless.

Smartphone with Android 2.0 or +. OR

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Rooted/ Non-Rooted Android Device.
  • RAM of at least 2GB.
  • The free internal storage of at least 10GB.

Apart from these requirements prior to the download process, there are a few permissions that have to be allowed by your Android device.

How to Install Lucky Patcher Apk on Android

Lucky Patcher being a hacking tool is definitely not available for you to install on Google Play Store. However, you can download its apk file from our website.

The file is small in size, does not consume much space and you can easily download and install it through the easy process. We have shared MM Super Patcher Apk.

Step 1. To begin with, the descargar lucky patcher file from the link given below.

After having downloaded, the Lucky Patcher Original apk will not be installed for most of the smartphones. You will have to enable the ‘Installation from Unknown Sources’ options to install LP.

For the same purpose, you will have to go the Settings> Lock Screen and Security> Unknown Sources> Swipe Right.

Enable Unknown Sources for Lucky Patcher app Step 1
Enable Unknown Sources for Lucky Patcher app Step 2

Step 2. Now, open the apk file of Lucky Patcher to install it. To locate the file, go either to the file manager or check the download list. In case your smartphone does not have any pre-installed file manager app, you can then download any third-party file manager. Now go the file manager and search for ‘Lucky Patcher Apk’ in the downloads folder.

Download Lucky Patcher App Step 1

Step 3. After locating the Lucky Patcher Apk, open and then click install. You will see that the installation begins soon.

Download Lucky Patcher App Step 2
Download Lucky Patcher App Step 3

Step 4. Next,  you will come across a warning stating-  ‘Blocked By Play Protect’.

Download Lucky Patcher App Step 4

Do not consider this warning and ignore it. The only reason this warning popping up is that Google obviously does not want you to hack in-app purchases. Nothing else is to be worried about.

After clicking on the ‘Details’, You will see an option of ‘Install Anyway’. Click on it.

Download Lucky Patcher App Step 5

Wait until the installation completes. This may take not more than a few seconds. Once it is installed, you will get to have handed over most of the premium apps.

How to Use Lucky Patcher Apk on Android

In this section, I am going to share a method to use Lucky Patcher apk on Android Phone.

Hacking in-app purchases isn’t a big thing o be honest, however, you will need to know the exact process for a smoother experience. Consider the steps given below and you will seamlessly hack most of the in-app purchases.

5+ Methods to Use Lucky Patcher

Step 1. Open Lucky Patcher in your rooted android device. Go to the Toolbox, at the bottom of the screen. On the toolbox menu, tap on ‘Patch to Android.

How to Use Lucky Patcher App Step 1

Step 2. Now, select all the displayed patches and wait for your device to reboot.

How to Use Lucky Patcher App Step 2
How to Use Lucky Patcher App Step 3

Step 3. Close the Lucky Patcher app and leave in it the background running apps. Now proceed to the app or game whose you want to hack In-app purchases.

Step 4. Go to the shopping menu browser. See for the in-app purchase that you want to make and tap on it. Now tap on the buy button or whatever option you have for buying there.

Step 5. As you click on the buy option, you will see a message – “Do you want to get this item for free?” Tap yes to purchase for free.

And you are done! Grab all the paid stuff absolutely free of cost. That was our Guide on How to Use Lucky Patcher.

FAQs regarding App

Is Lucky Patcher Safe to use?

you may come across some warnings during the download and installation process. However, nothing to worry about it. Lucky Patcher is totally safe and you can simply ignore these warnings.

LP does not collect any data. Its absolutely safe, speaking truly from personal experience, and does not invade your privacy! You can surely trust this app.

Is there a No-Root version available for Lucky Patcher Original Apk?

There is not any No-root version of the lucky patcher available. Anyway, you can install the same apk file on a non-rooted device but you will be able to use very limited features of this app.

LP is a hacking tool that certainly requires root access. So if you are not a user with the rooted android device, you may not get your hands on many of the features of this tool.

Does Lucky Patcher Original Apk work on every Android app?

You can make the in-app purchases cost you nothing but for highly secured servers this is nearly an impossible task to do.

However, you can successfully remove the ads and purchase in-app thing in small apps with LP helping you out through a lot more apps and almost all those that are generally used.

Final Verdict

So this was all about Lucky Patcher Apk 2020. I hope you guys found the article useful. However, I should drive your attention to the points that not all Android apps and games are hackable. This not is an official website of Lucky Patcher apk nor do we hold any copyright for the app.

Although many sites share fake apps for marking revenue, but to make you notice, this is the 100% working and original un-touched apk from Lucky Patcher. You surely have no reason to worry about the duplicate issues of the app since we never have and never will make any changes in the original app. So go ahead fearlessly!

And, if you come across any difficulties throughout the process or have any suggestions for us to write on, you are always welcome. Do let us know in the comment section below. For more such updates, make sure you have subscribed to our Newsletter.