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Download Psiphon for PC: Being an ultimately excellent software that would allow you to have access to various websites all over the world that have been restricted for some reason or censored in your Country. Basically, it is a communication tool that allows you to browse something that has been banned by the Government of the ISP, in your region.

Although many users just like you could easily circumvent the censorship of their ISPs simply be altering the settings of DNS, they will for most of the time have to configure the proxies or install gadgets similar to Psiphon. There are a number of proxy servers you can choose from also, the control panel is simple as well. Hence a quick learning spot for beginners as well.

What is Psiphon for PC?

In simpler words, Psiphon for PC is one brilliant alternative for similar proxy solutions like UltraSurf and Freegate. Through which you can get access to even the banned websites or pages by the Government of your Region or ISPs.

Technically speaking, Psiphon is an Open Source Tool designed for circumventing censorship suffered by a lot of Internet Users in a number of countries. You can actually turn your computer into a proxy server that will connect to the user or Users you wish to give access to. A secure encrypted connection is established in between the Psiphon server and the client which cannot be intercepted.

Hence in times where you or your friends or any acquaintances cannot see one particular page only because it has been banned in their respective countries, or because the connection fails, you can make use of the address of the Psiphon server. It allows you to establish different user accounts with all of them being protected with passwords hence you can share them with only the ones you want to with.

How to Download Psiphon for PC?

Download Psiphon for PC

If you are searching for a means to download and install Psiphon for PC, let me bring it to your notice that there is not any such pro version of Psiphon available for PC. So if you wish to use Psiphon on your Windows PC, you will have to download it with the help of Emulators for Android.

How to Download Psiphon on PC

Developer Psiphon Inc
File Size4.74 MB
License Free
TaskHide IP address
File Namepsiphon.exe
Latest VersionPsiphon 3
Supports Windows 7/8/10

Method 1. Download and Install Psiphon on PC via Android Emulator

As you all might be knowing by now that Psiphon is an android app and for downloading such android apps on your PC, the best method to opt for is Android Emulators. With the help of emulators like Bluestacks, etc. you can actually download any of the android app on your PC.

This method is my personal recommendation if you want to download any android app on PC.

Step 1. In order to install Android Emulator and run the Psiphon app on your Windows PC, All you have to do is Download any, preferably Bluestacks Emulator on your PC.

Step 2. When the downloading of the file is completed, then Double click on it. Next, accept the License Agreement.

Step 3. Here, you will have to wait for a few seconds. And when installed Launch the application. Then sign in with the help of your Google Account.

Step 4. Open the emulator, go to the System App and Google Play Store.

Step 5. Now Go to type Psiphon for PC in the Search bar. You will soon see the app in the search results. Just Hit the download button and sit back. Your job has been done!

Method 2. Install And Download Psiphon for PC

In case you did not find the above method convenient to try out or you wish to

Step 1. To actuate with, you will have to download the Psiphon3.exe file on your computer. For this purpose, click on the download option given here.

Step 2. Now that you have clicked the option for download, you will come on the download page of the software. You will then have to click on the given download link for the download process to initiate.

Step 3. Do note that, if you are using the Google Chrome browser, the download may get blocked. So as to deal with this, head to the advanced settings of the browser. here, you will need to Disable the – Protect you and your device from dangerous sites.

Step 4. When you are done with the downloading process, you will have to install it on your Windows PC. Now for this purpose, click on the Psiphon3.exe file and select Open.

Step 5. Once you have accomplished the above step, it is time you click on the yes button in order to begin the process for installation. When the installation is completed, you will see a pop-up- Psiphon is Connected.

And you are done here! You have installed Psiphon for PC.

Configure Psiphon on Windows:

Now that you have successfully installed and downloaded Psiphon for PC, let us see how you should configure it with various settings. This is completely optional. If you wish to configure you Psiphon on Windows, you can take a look at the steps given below.

  • If you wish to have access on a website based on your home country without making use of the Psiphon Tunnel, you can do so by going to the Settings of Split the Tunnel and have a faster connection to the site. i.e.- Settings> Split Tunnel.
  • You can minimize the area of app notifications if you need some free space on the taskbar. You can do this by going to the Settings> and then Minimize to the Notification Area.
  • You can configure the HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS settings as well. Though it is recommended to leave this choice at Psiphon’s hands, if you are intended to change it, you can do so by –Settings> Local Proxy Ports.
  • Lastly, you can also change the L2TP/ IPSec. This setting means that the app would only make use of Windows L2TP/ IPSec virtual networking. Thus, Psiphon will tunnel the apps. Since this is hard to bypass, it is not a much-recommended setting to do.

Features of Psiphon 3:

Since I cannot cover all the features of Psiphon for PC in one article, here I have mentioned a few highlights of the App that you too would find amusing.

  • Psiphon 3 is Absolutely free for personal use. You can contact the developers of Psiphon directly for the purpose of Corporate Licensing.
  • You can download this app from the Official website of its. If you wish to download this app on your Android device, you can do so by downloading it directly from the Google Play Store.
  • The app has got one real user-friendly interface with everything arranged resulting into ease of understanding the app even for the newbies.
  • The in-app statistics will tell you the amount of traffic you have used.
  • The main task this app can perform is allowing you to block all the censored or blocked websites.
  • Psiphon can also block the Pop Up Advertisements malware that we get interrupted while browsing the web.
  • Psiphon is an open-source project. You can find the Source code and also the design documents on the project homepage.
  • You can install this app on your PC as well as on your Android device.
  • The Browser or VPN i.e. whole device mode, you can choose if you wish to tunnel everything or only the web browser.
  • The application also Blocks the trackers in order to keep your identity unknown.
  • You can have a record of the data usage from the app.

Advantages of Psiphon for PC

  • You can get your hands over any website on the internet all over the globe, irrespective of your current place.
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • You can keep your IS anonymous.
  • This app is available for PC, Android, iOS, and for Chrome as well.
  • It is an Open source application and you can use it absolutely free of cost.

Disadvantages of Psiphon for PC

  • The very disadvantage of using Psiphon for PC is that you may get into some sort of illegal issues with a lot of use of the app.
  • The app works quite slow.
  • There is no such dedicated version for Mac computers.

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Wrapping Up

By Downloading Psiphon 3 for PC, it’s possible to have an access to even those websites or pages that have been banned by the Government or ISPs of your locality. However, it is not as much essential to Download Psiphon for PC, as you know it’s somehow illegal as well, the choice is all yours. We are proud to deliver great software experiences through our rigorously tested and official software releases. If you are not familiar with the risks involved, you should not proceed further.

Hope you guys found the article useful in Downloading Psiphon 3 for PC. If you have any doubts or you are stuck at any of the steps given above, do let us know, we would be glad to help you all. Also, let us know if you want us to write on any of the tech-related topics. Keep visiting our page for more such posts. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive timely notifications of our updates.