Best Nova Launcher Themes You Should Look In 2022

Hey People, In this article I will be sharing with you the list of best Nova Launcher Themes you should check out in 2022. All the included Nova launcher themes is tested and researched by us. So, I am sure that you will like this Nova launcher themes.

So, let’s start.

So, let’s first start with basic details about Nova launcher before giving you the list of Nova launcher themes.

What Is Nova Launcher?

The main and most loved advantage of the Android phones and OS is that it offers mostly all customisation. You can customise your phones icons, themes and also the app icons. So, Android OS offers lots of apps to customise the screen and themes. Nova launcher is one of the app that allows you to customise your Android phone.

Nova launcher is most popular launcher in Android OS. So, many of you are searching for the themes and customisations. Many launcher apps provides themes that you like to have on your Android phone. Same way Nova launcher provides the themes that you like to customise your phone’s themes and icons.

Well, We are here for you. I have shared the list of Nova launcher themes that you would like to check in 2022.

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Now, let me share the best Nova launcher themes.

Best Nova Launcher Themes –

1. Light Theme –

Dark themes are good to have on your Android phone. But personally I love the light theme. So, this is the best and light theme on Nova launcher. The Orange Bubble wallpaper from Wallhub is used here in this theme. So, you can use and customise the wallpaper. The widgets are used from Francisco Franco. So, I feel that its a best light theme out there on Nova launcher.

2. Green leave theme –

If you like nature and want wallpapers and themes that is more natural and inspired by leaves and natural things then I must tell you this theme is for you. This theme offers a clean and nice elegent design and customisation that you are looking for in Nova launcher themes. This is why I feel that this theme must be in our best theme list.

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3. Candycons Nova Launcher Theme –

If you are looking for a theme and customisation that looks similar with the exact Android UI then this theme is for you. The theme follows the Google’s Material Design color that’s why it looks similar to the Android inbuilt UI. It offers 1127 icons and 20 wallpapers to choose from. So, you can try this amazing theme on your Android phone.

4. Glim theme –

This is one of the best Nova launcher app icon theme. This theme provides unique HQ icons that you will like the most. It supports the numerous icons sections to choose from. The most amazing part is it has symbol request tool. So I feel that its a best theme in our list.

5. Moonrise theme –

If you are looking for a free theme app then this is for you. The theme has many unique icons to customise your Android phone. This app helps you to personalise your phone’s screen with the customisation. This theme provides the combination of 60 wallpapers and 1050 unique icons. With this theme you can change your phone’s layout, animations app icons and many more.

6. H2O –

If you like OnePlus devices and it’s UI then this theme is for you. This theme and icons are inspired by Oxygen OS. So, if you are using any other phones and want the UI like the OnePlus phones then this is the right choice of Nova launcher themes. The theme has more than 4430 icons and pretty good wallpapers and colors.

7. Delta –

Delta theme has more than 10k download. So, I feel that its a best nova launcher themes out there. The theme offers more than 2000 icons and and it supports 20 launchers. This app offers a bright and minimalistic look and customisation to your Android phone.

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8. Android PIE –

This theme is a good option to have on your Nova launcher themes. This app allows you to customise and design your phone’s screen and wallpapers to look the Android phone amazing. I must say you should try this out.

9. Viral –

The theme offers more than 200 wallpapers to customise your phone’s screen. The Viral icon provides dark and styles icons. It has more than 4148 icons with GD designs. So, this is the beautiful app to give personalisation to your Android phone.

10. Far Out Theme –

This is another great Nova launcher themes out there. This theme allows you to match your wallpapers with the icons. So, you can try this theme also.

11. Vibrant Theme –

The Vibrant theme offers vibrant colors with combination of icons to look the Phone’s screen beautiful. It also have clock widget and weather widget that can be added to your home page customisation. This themes works best with the Nova launcher. That’s why we have added this in out list of best Nova launcher themes.

12. Modern Theme –

If you are looking for a theme that offers a modern look to your phone, the Modern themes works for you. The app allows you to use modern wallpapers with classy icons to look your phone way better modern and classy. I must tell you that you should check out this Nova launcher themes.

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13. Night theme –

This is the last theme on our list but its very unique and useful one if you are looking for a dark types of setup on your Android phone. It offers lots of icons, wallpapers and widgets to customise your Android phone.

So, this is the list of our best Nova launcher themes. Now let me share my views on it.

Conclusion –

If you are Android lover and want customisation to your phone then you should check out this Nova launcher themes. The looks, customisation, icons and many more customisations are available with the Nova launcher themes. So, I insist you to check out this themes.

If you have any questions ask un in comments.

Happy Androiding…