APK Premium YouTube Vanced Apk Latest Download For Ad Blocking and Background Playack
APK Premium

YouTube Vanced Apk Latest Download For Ad Blocking and Background Playack

Hey Folks, Are you looking for apps that allow you to Background Playback and Ad-blocking on YouTube? if yes then you’ve landed on right page. In this guide, we will show you How to download YouTube Vanced Apk on Android Phone and Install.

We are here with YouTube Vanced Apk. we all admit that ads are so annoying and we all want to play favorite songs on Youtube while doing chatting with friends, Playing games on our smartphone.

I have good news for you. YouTube Vanced app allows you to play YouTube Video in the background. and also it provides the ad-blocking feature.

YouTube Vanced app is a modded version of the Official YouTube app. Previously it was named as iYTBP – Injected YouTube Background Playback.

What is YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced Apk

YouTube Vanced is a Modified version of the official YouTube app.  Previously it was named as iYTBP – Injected YouTube Background Playback. It was brought into existence by Master_T. If you tried modules then you had have tried all of YouTube Vanced features. So the idea of Youtube Vanced is came from YBP.

YouTube Vanced APK comes with amazing features like Blocking ads, Background Playback and many more. We have shared more features of that app below

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Features of Youtube Vanced apk

  1. Ads Block:- Ads Blocking feature allow the user to watch Video without any annoying ads.
  2. Listen to Music in the background:- It will allow the user to listen to songs when the Youtube App is minimized.
  3. PIP Mode (Picture in Picture Mode):- Picture In a Picture mode is also known as PiP mode. PiP feature helps a user to watch videos on floating screen rather than split mode. Videos will switch to minimized versions when you surfing other apps.
  4. Video Resolution:- YouTube Vanced apk allow the user to choose or Set a Default Video Resolution to watch Videos on Youtube.
  5. You can Zoom by pinch on all Smartphones.
  6. Theme:- Vanced app comes with so many theme options which can change the looks and interface of the app.
  7. Repeat Video:- You can play one video again and again. just set the video in repeat mode.
  8. Video Speed:- You can set the video playing speed.
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isn’t it an amazing app? we have shared each and every feature of YouTube Vanced app. Without wasting any more time let’s head over to download part.


Here we have shared the latest Youtube Vanced Apk 2018. The app is not available on Play Store.

Non-Rooted Devices: Download YouTube Vanced Apk

Non-Rooted Devices:- Download MicroG Apk

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How to Install YouTube Vanced APK on Non-Rooted Android Devices

In this Section, We are going to guide you How to Install YouTube Vanced Apk on Non-Rooted Device. Yes, You heard right. You can Install YouTube Vanced app on Non-Rooted Phones.

In this Case, You need to Download and install an extra app called as MicroG. It will help you to login to your Google Account. Without Further ado let’s jump into the guide.

Step 1:- First of all, You need to uninstall the updates of YouTube app and also disable Auto-update in Play Store.

Step 2:- Download YouTube Vanced APk from the Download Section above.

Before proceeding further You need to Enable Unknown Source option from your Smartphone setting.

To Do That:

  1. On your Android Phone. Open Setting.
  2. In setting Find Security Options and Tap on.
  3. Scroll Down until you see Unknown Sources option.
  4. Now, tap on Unknown sources toggle button.
  5. A warning popup will appear asking you if you want to allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources.
  6. Simply Hit on Yes to Proceed.
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Step 3:- Now Install the YouTube Vanced app like other normal apk files.

Step 4:- Now, Download and Install MicroG Apk on your Android Phone.

Step 5:-  Next, Open MicroG app and Logging into your Google Account.

Tips:- After Logging into your Account. then choose your preferred color by going into Setting > Vanced Settings > Layout Settings.

That’s it!! Now you can Enjoy Watch Videos and listen to the Music Without any Ads. There are a lot more features available. Explore it and tell us your favorite features of Youtube vanced app.

Download For Magisk Rooted Devices

ARM64:- Download

ARM X86:- Download

ARM:- Download 

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How to Install YouTube Vanced magisk module

Here We are Going to guide you step by step How to Install YouTube Vanced on Rooted Android Phone (magisk). Mostly Step is similar to non-rooted methods. Let’s Begin the process.

Step 1:- You need to uninstall the official Youtube App update from your Android Phone. And turn-off the auto updates from Play store.

Step 2:- Download the favorite color Vnaced magisk module from the download section.

Step 3:- Next Open Magisk manager on your Android Device. then navigate to the module section to add a new module.

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Youtube Vanced Magisk Module

Step 4:- Next, Tap on an add button from the middle of the bottom.

Youtube Vanced Magisk Module Youtube Vanced Magisk Module

Step 5:- Now, Select the YouTuve Vanced Magisk zip file from the file manager. It will start the installation process.

Youtube Vanced Magisk Module

Step 6:- once the process is done. click on reboot to enable the module.

That’s it!! Now You have installed Youtube Vanced module on your Android phone using magisk.

Guide to Download And Install Magisk on Android Phone

Video Tutorial

Final Verdict

In this Article. I have shown you How to Download YouTube Vanced apk and Install in on Android Devices. Also, We have Shared everything about the App.

Youtube Vanced it best app to watch Youtube Videos without those annoying ads. and also you can enjoy music while the Youtube app is minimized. We have shared all methods that help you to install apk file on Non-Rooted and Rooted Android Phone.

If there is something we missed tell us in the comment below. Also if you face any problem while installation leaves a comment in the comment section. we have a team that will help you out.  I hope you loved our guide. Thanks for Reading our article. Keep visiting Android Jungles.

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If you have any doubts or question regarding the tutorial process, Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Happy Androiding 🙂

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