We all know the popularity of OnePlus devices and how they are proving to be the best ones at affordable prices. Every new version of this device is enhanced than the previous in many aspects. Yet the ease of unlocking the bootloader and rooting OnePlus with Magisk remains the same.

Rooting OnePlus 7/ 7 Pro is now possible without installing TWRP recovery. With the help of Patched boot image. Want to know how? Read the article below –

Disclaimer – Rooting any device is a risky process and any mistake can cost you the device and the data on it. So before you start make sure you have taken a complete backup of all your internal storage and perform the procedure with utmost care.

Root OnePlus 7 OnePlus 7 Pro without TWRP Recovery

Root OnePlus 7/OnePlus 7 Pro without TWRP Recovery

Before getting into the actual procedure, here are some prerequisites that you will need to follow in order to root your OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro without TWRP recovery. Also, you will need to download the patched boot image as per the device Oxygen OS you are using.

Prerequisite to root OnePlus 7/ 7 Pro –

Download –

OnePlus 7 Pro Stock and Patched Boot images –

  • EU Version 1913

Stock 9.5.4: boot_stock.img I Patcher 9.5.4: boot_patched.img

Stock 9.5.5: boot_stock.img I Patcher 9.5.5: boot_patched.img

Stock 9.5.7: boot_stock.img I Patcher 9.5.7: boot_patched.img

  • Global Version 1917 1911

Stock 9.5.4: boot_stock.img I Patcher 9.5.4: boot_patched.img

Stock 9.5.6: boot_stock.img I Patcher 9.5.6: boot_patched.img

Stock 9.5.7: boot_stock.img I Patcher 9.5.7: boot_patched.img

  • EU 5G 1920

Stock 9.5.3: boot_stock.img I Patcher 9.5.3: boot_patched.img

Now that we are done with the prerequisite and Downloads section, let us go to the actual procedure of rooting OnePlus 7/ 7 Pro without TWRP recovery.

How to Root OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro Without Computer

Step 1. To begin with, download the above boot image file as per the Oxygen Operating System version that is installed on your OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro.

Step 2. Now move the image file downloaded to Platform Tools. This is the tool where the ADB and Fastboot are located after downloading them as mentioned in the prerequisite.

Step 3. When you click on the Shift Key, simultaneously right-click on the empty area in that folder.

Step 4. You will see options list of which you will have to select –  Open PowerShell Window here.

How to Root OnePlus 7/ OnePlus 7 Pro without TWRP Recovery

Step 5. Now is the time to Switch off your device.

Step 6. Enter into the Bootloader mode on your OnePlus device, For this, press the Power and Volume Up button together.

Root OnePlus 7 OnePlus 7 Pro without TWRP Recovery Bootloader Mode

Step 7. Once you have entered into the bootloader mode, connect your device to the PC using the OnePlus USB Drivers.

Step 8. Then, by entering the following command in the PowerShell Window, boot the patched boot image –

fastboot boot <patched-boot-filename>.img

Here, do remember to change the name in the <patched-boot-filename> with the real name of the patched boot image. 

For example, if the patched boot filename is patched boot, then enter the command –

fastboot boot patched_boot.img

Step 9. Once the command given above is performed, your device will restart.

Step 10. After restarting, navigate to the App Drawer and go to the Magisk Manager app.

Step 11. Click on the install button to install this manager on your device.

Step 12. Choose the option of Direct Install so as to Flash Magisk and thus root OnePlus 7/ 7 Pro.

Step 13. Lastly, tap on ‘Reboot‘. Your device will now be rooted.

That is it all! You have successfully rooted your OnePlus 7/ 7 Pro without installing TWRP recovery. Now you are all set to enjoy as many games and app offers as you want by hiding your root with Magisk Manager!

I hope the article helped you in successfully rooting your OnePlus device. In case there are any steps you are stuck at, feel free to let us know in the comment box below so we can help you.

Happy Androiding:-)