Best 16 Game Hacker Apps for Android

Download Game Hacker Apps for Android Devices: In case you are a Game Freak, I must tell you, this is the exact place you should be at. For all Game freaks out there, the article that we will be sharing today with you, as the name itself suggests, is all about the best Game Hacker Apps for Android. This post includes With or Without Root Apps, i.e. even if you do not have a rooted device, there is good stuff waiting for you right here.

You can download apps from Google as well but most of the time, you get something exactly opposite of what was shown at the first sight. It comes to be either some virus or malware or defected file. Hence, having a reference as one below, you can save your time and energy and also have fun with your gaming experience.


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The apps that are listed below work very well in hacking any game resources- points, rank, gold, characters, coins, and a lot more. And not just for the games that store their database on the device that you are playing but also work for Server dependant games that include the most popular games like- Fortnite, COC, PUBG, Clash Royale, and a lot more. A few of the below also help you in creating mods for games like Mini Militia, Subway Surfs, etc.

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Best 10 Game Hacking Apps for Android Devices

Now Although most of you might be aware of a number of Game Hacker Apps, the ones enlisted below are our personal preference and also the ones with better features than others. All you have to do is keep reading and pick up the best Game hacker app as per your needs and convenience.

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Game Hacking Apps

You can make use of this app to Cheat and get your hands on all of those features that come with a hefty price. You can have access to all of those features without paying a single penny.

In HackBot, you get two different search engines named- FreeFinder and ProFinder. This is supported by Google to search for Modded Apps and games that come from Trustworthy and true source. This way you get only real games and modded apps, shielding yourself from various malware and virus.

FreeFinder comes absolutely free to search and the later is free too but for ProFinder, you will have to Sign In to access all the premium cheats from a legal source.

App NameHackbot Apk
App Size16.2MB
Last UpdatedMarch 2019


Venomhack Apk

VenomHack apk is one of the most popular and reliable game Hacker apps out there. If you are looking for a way to hack a game like PUBG, Venomhack Apk can help you with that.

A plus point of the app is its ease of usage. the interface is pretty simple and easy to use and can be easily accessed even by newbies. You can purchase various in-game resources like weapons, points, etc. without having to pay a single penny. Isn’t that cool now?


Lucky Patcher

Game Hacking Apps

If you are an android user, you surely might be knowing about Lucky Patcher APK. Being one of the Best Apps for hacking games, it is not restricted to this specific area.

With the help of the built-in tools, you can have complete access to a number of options that you may come across while playing a game. Some of the areas where you can apply this for the license verification process, removing ads, modifying game memories.

The app has got its regularly updating own database of a pre-coded mod. These MODs can be applied to gaming apps and others so as to get your hands on all of those paid features and resources.

This app works very well for users having non-rooted devices but if you have a rooted device, you get the advantage of using more features and exploring more through overall gaming and Android experience. Hence, it does not really matter if your device is rooted or not, you can use basic advantages. But to gain more of it, having a rooted device is recommended.

App NameLucky Patcher
RootYes and No
CategoryHacking Tools
Installs100 Million+
Required OSAndroid 2.0+
Last UpdatedJuly 2019


Mr.Shooter Apk

Mr.Shooter apk is yet another amazing game hacker app users can use for various games. No matter what gaming resource you are looking for, Mr. Shooter apk offers all that a perfect hacking app needs.

The app is compatible with Android devices that work on Android OS v4.1 and above. Regular updates and constant maintenance by the Developer team is one of the perks of using this app.



Game Hacking Apps

Creehack is an open source Software. You can download it for free on your Android Phone.

This game hacker tool serves best for an Android device if you are looking forward to hacking game resources. You can hack both Online as well as Offline game resources such as ranks, coins, characters, gold, etc.

This app works best in bypassing Editor Security of Gaming and other android apps.

App NameCreehack
App Size1MB
Root RequiredNo
DevelopersCreehack Team
Last Updated30 January 2018


Non-Root ESP Hack

ESP hack apk is one of the most popular and reliable game Hacker apps out there. If you are looking for a way to hack a game like PUBG, ESP hack apk can help you with that.

A plus point of the app is its ease of usage. the interface is pretty simple and easy to use and can be easily accessed even by newbies. You can purchase various in-game resources like weapons, points, etc. without having to pay a single penny. Isn’t that cool now?

Download Non-Root ESP Hack APK

Flame VPN

Flame VPN is another popular PUBG hacking app. The app is helpful in hacking a number of games one of which is PUBG. The app has wide compatibility and is frequently updated. So you can always get more through it. Download the app by tapping on the button below to know more about it practically!

Xmod Games

Game Hacking Apps

Being One of the best Game Hacker Apps, Xmod Games allows you to Mod various games on your Rooted device. It is also capable of modding online games such as Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go.

You do not have to worry about the compatibility of this app with the latest games out there. This app gets regular updates from its developers and hence supports all the latest games and latest versions of previous games.

The User-friendly interface of Xmod Games gives you the overlaying while you are playing any game. You get a choice to run the Lua Script to access AI- Dependant and automatic gameplay to easily gain resources of the game.

COC, Fortnite, Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, Minecraft, etc are some of the games that are supported through this app.

App NameXmod Games
App size9.6MB
App Version2.0.4
SupportsAndroid 4 & above


Virtual Host

Which game freak doesn’t know Virtual host? Especially helpful in games like PUBG, Virtual Host is a great hacking app for games to rely on. The app is easy to use and can be used with all the ease even by newbies. Go ahead and check out this app. You will know about it more only when you try it out.

Cheat Engine

Game Hacking Apps

Considered to be one among the best game hacker apps, Cheat Engine personalizes, for you, almost all sorts of app features of any game within no time. You can make a number of changes in the game.

Cheat engine was previously more popular as the Cheat Software for PC. This itself was modified later as Cheat Engine for Android. This can be used for free on Android as an Open Source App.

Although the Android version of Cheat Engine software is not much wide as the PC Version, it has got a lot to offer you like- different characters, tools, and a lot more.

App NameCheat Engine
App Size1.0MB
Latest Update On11 Jan, 2015
CompatibilityAndroid 4 and Above
DeveloperFrancesco Guagnano
CategoryProductivity App


Non root apk

A Non Root Game Hacker app has it’s own fanbase. It’s very tough to find game hacker apps that work on non-rooted devices.

The app is compatible with most of the Android devices running on Android OS 4.1 and above versions. So compatibility isn’t an issue now. Also the app can be used to hack games like Call of duty and PUBG, etc.

Freedom App

Game Hacking Apps

Freedom App makes it possible for you to hack any sort of purchase from the Android or Gaming app. You can copy the in-app purchases without having to pay a single penny. And thus, you can get access to all of those gold coins, characters, points, rank, and a lot more.

This Android App works best for rooted devices to hack even server-dependant online games that are quite inaccessible to hack.

App nameFreedom
App Size1.9 MB
App Version1.8.4
Made forBypass in-app Purchase
Root Required ?Yes
SupportsAndroid 2 & above
Last UpdatedAugust 30, 2017


Non-root Host

Another great game hacking app that can help you hack games like PUBG is Non-root host. as the name says it all, Non-root host app can work well even on non-rooted devices. This is a great deal since most of the game hacking apps come for only rooted devices. So if you have a normal device but want to hack games like PUBG and COD, go ahead and download this amazing app.


You might be wondering what an emulator is doing over here in the list of best game hacker apps? But let me tell you, emulator prove to be a great option for experiencing gaming. If you are searching for a way to experience uninterrupted gaming.

You get an integrated root option in this app. So there lies no chance of getting your device bricked while rooting it.

You can mock the location for GPS dependent games, one of which is- Pokemon Go. This surely is a boon to those who love to play such games without worrying about the availability in their country and their location.


File Manager

File Managers like ES File Manager and Root Explorer make it possible for you to edit files on the root storage of your device. Thus it becomes simple for you to play games that are present in the root folder.

You can make use of this app when the direct value altering apps similar to SD Game Hacker does not work. By looking up to the editing tacts of whatever game you want to edit on the web, you can change values of it.

This helps you to deduce the difficulty levels of the game, make certain changes in the games and also save the files of the game.


GameCih is an Open Source Android app that comes free of cost can be used to hack and customize a number of various Offline plus Online games. This can be done as per your personal choices and needs.

However, this App needs the Root Access to your device without which you cannot have the advantage of using this app.

If you are a user of the rooted android device, the Game Cih is a must try for you since it has got some incredible features to offer you that will help you out in hacking almost all sorts of games and apps.

Using Private Server MODs

There are a number of developers around the globe that modify mostly played and famous games so as to run them on their private servers. This hack is most useful for Online Games such as COC, PUBG, Fortnite, etc.

With the help of an app that is developed by the server owner, You get control over data on their server thus being able to access unlimited resources.

But do note that, except for you there will be a number of other people who will be having access to the server and thus to all of the cheats and resources similar to you.

Wrapping Up:

Hope you found the article of use. In case of any queries or doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Keep visiting our page for more such articles or you can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of our posts.

Happy Androiding:-)

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