Best PPD Sites to Earn Money Online | July 2021

Not to sound miser, but who do not want to earn money if it comes just by downloading a few things? Yes. You have read it right. You can also make money by downloading something. There are apps created by developers all around the world that let users earn learn by downloading something. These are called as PPD i.e. Pay Per Download. There are a number of Highest Paying Per Download sites out there but some of them are more reliable and higher paying than others.

PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites )

(Pay Per Download Sites) Best PPD Sites to Earn Money Online

All you have to do is upload your content on this site and on every download you will be paid. Now, not all sites are trustworthy.  But this article will help you in finding the reliable and best Pay Per Download apps that can help you in earning more money with a few clicks. But before that let us know what PPD Sites actually are.

What are PPD Sites in 2020?

PPD Sites or Pay Per Download Sites are sites that are quite similar to Google Adsense. These sites can be called as the third-party alternatives to Adsense. All you need is a website or a YouTube channel and using these sites advertisement, you can earn money online.

All you need to do is put the stuff for this sites on your site and for every download that users make, you will be paid. Of course, a little traffic is needed to earn in dollars. But considering Adsense, these sites prove to be more easy-going.  Here is a list of the best PPD sites. You can choose any one of the below as per your convenience.

1. Up-load

PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites )

The first one on our list of highest paying per download sites is the Up-load. This site offers payment as per the files users have downloaded on your site or page. This site is one of the very few genuine sites and this site also offers a place to store the files you downloaded.

There are a number of offers along with this like earn using various referral codes, etc. There are also no ads to disturb you while downloading or diverting you to another page. The downloads are genuine without any extra pop-ups.

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2. Upload Ocean

PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites )

The next best PPD site is Upload Ocean. One can earn $21 easily by successfully when users have downloaded 100 items. This is by far the best PPD site that I have come across. You can also earn more money by monetizing your site with links.

For every download click performed, you will be paid. Having a personal website and enough traffic will make you more money.

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3. Uploadsmith

PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites )

Uploadsmith is another one of the most reliable and best sites that offer $10 for every 1000 complete downloads. Although this is quite less than the previous PPD Site, Uploadsmith offers unlimited storage and bandwidth as well.

You may first receive a warning potential since this site uses a certificate suitable for way load but you can accept the risk and go ahead. The download page of this site is very simple and thus you will not be misguided anytime.

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4. User’s Cloud

PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites )

UsersCloud is one such PPD Site that offers free storage space for users as well as money for storing the downloaded content. You will need to create an account over this site with a valid email address.

Then you can start using it to link to your site and earn money when people download content from it. If you have any blog or website where you can upload any content then this site is one of the best PPDs to have.

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PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites ) is one of the best PPD Sites that has brought a revolutionary change with itself. Whenever the users are trying to download files, they will first have to go through a survey. If they complete this survey, you will be paid 1$ for it.

Affiliates can share their files and stuff over this site. In case you have a website where you can upload anything and it has traffic, then this PPD Site is a must!

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6. AdscendMedia

PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites )

Another one on the list of Best PPD sites is the AdscendMedia. This CPA Marketing solution offers high quality leads to the affiliates, payouts and advertisers.

If you have a website, you can upload something and then for every click on the download, you will be paid. The network offers a cheap option because of per click pay.

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PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites )

The next one is This site uploads videos and earns money through that. You too can make use of this platform to upload your videos and earn through them.

This site is the best one from the list to upload MP3 Songs and other content that can be downloaded. You get 10$ for every successful 1000 downloads.

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8. ShareCash

PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites )

ShareCash is one such PPD Website that lets users upload their content and the visitors will download it which will offer the users pay. You will be paid a dollar for every visitor who unlocks the link. There is nothing to doubt about regarding the genuine behaviour of this site.

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PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites ) is the highest paying site on this website with over $22. When you look at other higher-paying sites, most of the sites contain misleading ads and pages. But this not the case with The download page of this site is clean.

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10. Dollar Upload

PPD Sites ( Pay per download Sites )

Last but not least is the Dollar Upload. This site offers service to earn money by uploading content. On every successful download, you are paid. The upload files can be – Zip files, Images, MP3, Video, etc.

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Concluding part –

These were the best 10 PPD Sites that can help you earn more money in 2020. I hope you have found this article of use and have started using one of the sites. In case there are any suggestions for us, feel free to let us know in the comment box below.

Happy Androiding:-)

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  1. Valuable list of best PPD Websites bro. I am also using personally some of these and they are working very well

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