How to Unlock Bootloader on POCO X2

An Android device consists of several pieces of software, which include the bootloader, radio, recovery, and system. The bootloader is the first piece of software that is run when your device turns on. It decides whether to load the recovery or load Android and the radio. It packages the instructions to boot operating system kernel and most of them are specifically designed to run their own debugging or modification environment.

In case you are a POCO X2 user and wish to unlock bootloader on this device, here is a complete guide on how you can unlock bootloader on POCO X2.


Why are bootloaders Locked?

The bootloaders generally come as in a locked form. The reason being, the companies want to blend their device with the Operating system. Each android device has a specifically designed bootloader to match its hardware. If you wish to flash a custom ROM like CyanogenMod on your device it is impossible to install when your device bootloader is locked. Unlocking a bootloader will open the opportunities to install ROM’s on Android.

What is Unlocking Bootloaders?

A Bootloader is a code which initializes some hardware and then loads the kernel and RAMdisk and gets the boot process going. It runs when we turn on our device. This whole process is termed as bootloader. This process is common for other devices as well. Be it a computer, laptop or Smartphones.

Basically, Unlock Bootloader makes it possible for you to Root your Android Smartphone. So by rooting your device, you can perform various tasks as Flashing TWRP and also Custom ROM in a much easier way. Now since the Manufacturers do not want the device to be rooted as they want you to use the Stock ROM, they made a policy. According to this policy, the smartphone is built with a locked Bootloader because of which the warranty of your device will be voided if you try to root it.

So if you wish to try any sort of Custom ROM, it is a necessity for you to unlock bootloader. For the whole procedure of unlocking bootloader using Fastboot, keep reading further.

How to Unlock Bootloader on POCO X2?

Given below is a simple guide on how you can easily unlock bootloader on Poco X2. The process is quite long and hence we have distributed the procedure in steps. But first, make sure you follow all the below prerequisites.


1. The most important step will be having a backup of your device data. When you unlock bootloader on Poco X2, all the data of your device including contacts, call logs, installed applications, media and audio files, and so on. So make sure, before doing anything else, you take a complete backup of the device data.

2. Make sure to have a sufficient battery power on your device. You might not want to terminate the process in between and then again start from scratch.

3. You will need a Windows PC as well as good and reliable USB cables so as to establish a connection between your device and the PC.

4. Download ADB and Fastboot USB Drivers and then install them on your PC.

Assuming that you have followed all the above requirements, here is a comprehensive guide on how to unlock bootloader on POCO X2.

Step 1. Enable OEM Unlocking on POCO X2

1. Go to Settings>About Phone> Tap on MIUI Version for 7-8 times. This will show the hidden ‘Developer Options’.

2. You will now come across a notification – You are now a Developer.

3. Again go back to Settings> Additional Settings> Developer Options> OEM Unlocking.

4. Enable the OEM Unlocking toggle and then Click on the Enable option. This will enable OEM Unlocking on POCO X2.

Step 2. Link MI Account to POCO X2

1. To unlock bootloader, your MI Account has to be linked to your POCO X2 device. For this, you will need to have a MI account first. In case you do not have a MI Account, you can go to the Official MI Page to make one.

2. In order to link your MI Account to your device, go to Settings>Additional Settings> Developer Options.

3. Now click on the ‘Add Account and Device‘ and then log in to your MI account on POCO X2.

You will soon see a notification on the screen – ‘Added successfully. Mi account is associated with this device now.

Note – In case you forgot the password of your Mi account or see the 8612 error message, do not try to re-add your account again and again. This might block your Mi account temporarily. Rather than that, just wait for 7 days and then try it again.

Step 3. Unlock Bootloader on POCO X2

1. Now that your MI account has been linked to your POCO X2, it is time to switch off your POCO X2 phone.

2. Once you have switched off your device, boot it into fastboot mode.

3. Download Xiaomi MI Unlock Tool on your PC.

4. Now extract this downloaded ZIP file and double click on ‘miflash_unlock.exe’ executable file launch this tool.

5. Now log in to your MI Account on this tool.

6. Your device will now be verified by this tool and see if it is eligible for unlocking bootloader or not.

7. Once the verification is done with, you will see a notification on the device – ‘Phone connected’.

8. On the tool, click on Unlock option.

9. Lastly, click on ‘Unlock Anyway’ so as to unlock the bootloader on POCO X2.

Unlocking bootloader might take a while. You will be notified once the bootloader is unlocked. Reboot your POCO X2 once this process is finished.


What if I get “Not Connected to phone” message?

Clearly this means that the MI Account Unlock tool has failed to verify your device. This might have happened due to missing drivers. For this, install the latest Xiaomi USB Drivers.

What if I get “Current account is not bound to this device” notification?

The message is self explanatory. If your MI Account is not linked to your POCO X2 device, you will certainly receive this error message. Just go to step 2 and perform all the sub-steps.

What if I get “Couldn’t Unlock” message?

Although this message, which is futher shown as ‘After 720/360/168/72 hours of trying to unlock the device’, it is very uncommon error message. In case you get it, just wait for a few days and then rety the process. Just make sure to not log oout of your MI Account or factory reset the device during this period.

That is how easy it was to unlock bootloader on POCO X2. I hope you have all found the article of use. In case you are stuck at any of the above steps, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

Happy Androiding:-)