39 thoughts on “Download Mi Account Unlock Tool Latest Version | July 2021

  1. Shah


    Brand : Rosy_Global
    Version : 7.1.2
    MiUi Version : V9.6.4.0.NDAMIFD
    Branch : F
    Language : Eng
    Region : GB
    Carrier : unknown

    This device locked with MI account and i dont know the user name and password also, kindly help me in this regard.

  2. TheHard Yepthomi

    Unable to download what to do please give me some hint.

  3. Anthonia

    Good day i tried downloading the unlock tool but it keeps asking me for a password .what must i do now

  4. Sachin

    Please help me to unlock my phone I forgot the password and I have tried but no solution.my phone is mi .

  5. Neet

    it says “Detecting DEVICE INTERFACE failed” what i have to do

  6. erwin

    thanks boss i need your key or password to extract fw

  7. cfc

    Hi Ashish, it says “Detecting DEVICE INTERFACE failed” what i have to do

  8. eliza

    Hi I’ve done all of the steps, but after my phone restarted I was stuck at “Select Country” then the notification this device may be associated with an existing Mi account” pops up again. I’ve done this for about five times now. What do you think the problem is? Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. sebastian

    udělál jsem o podle pokynu a pořád se mi tam objevil ten zámek ,tak nechápu co dělám špatně

  10. rolando

    con redmi note 5 no me ha funcionado, se reinicia y queda en la pantalla de bloque this device is loked…

    hay algo que pueda hacer

  11. killian

    is it possible to unlock when you dont have the actual simcard and password and you dont know phone number too

  12. Emmanuel

    i bypassed account on mi mix 3 successfully with mi unlock tool and still telling me device is locked.

  13. Doron

    Hi Ashish,
    I did “wipe data” to my Redmi Note 4. Now when turning the phone on I constantly get the “the device is locked” screen.
    I downloaded the unlock application and followed the instructions. Unfortunately, after about 3% the phone restarts, it takes few minutes and when it finish restarting it goes back to the same situation.
    I did this several times.
    Can you help please?

  14. Ran


    The Tool doesn’t recognize the phone when I’m in the recovery mode… Im stuck and can’t resume…
    any one has an idea?

  15. malik

    WARNING: Don’t connect internet on this stage or you’ll return to lock stage hatası alıyorum bazende usb hata ayıklamamı açmamı istiyor yardımcı olurmusunuz.


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