Netflix Account Free: Netflix is the world’s largest entertainment site that offers some really classic and latest, all sorts of movies, TV Shows, Series, and so on. This complete pack of entertainment is the essential thing you need when you come tired home. However, the high subscription rates of Netflix are not affordable to everyone. Not all people would like to invest their hard-earned money on some mere entertaining series and shows.

Hence, this article has been put forward for people who want Netflix accounts. In this article, we are sharing working Netflix Account Password and Username. If you want to avail this offer, then keep reading further.

Given below is the Netflix Account Free Username and Password. This page will be updated every day since in low budget it’s not possible to give free account to everyone. So in case you did not get the free account today, you can try it out the next day.

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Free Netflix Account

Free Netflix Account 2019-

Since the visitors and subscribers of have been asking us in huge numbers, we will be sharing Free Netflix Accounts Each day. Given below is the Username and Password for the Free Netflix Account-

Netflix Account Email And Password






Password Will be shared Everyday 9 P.M Indian time so be the first one to get a free account.


If you did not get the free account today, you can try tomorrow or if you do not want the login, registration procedure and directly watch shows and movies on Netflix, then you can also use the Netflix Mod Apk where you can watch all the Netflix Shows and movies for free.

Download Netflix Mod Apk

Netflix Premium Plans and Prices –

Here are the general premium plans and their prices for Netflix –

Basic  –

  • 1 Screen
  • SD
  • $9

Standard –

  • 2 Screens
  • HD
  • $13

Premium –

  • 4 Screens
  • HD + Ultra HD
  • $16

Note that the price for Netflix Subscription varies from country to country so you can check from the Official Account of Netflix regarding the plans.

Features of Free Netflix Account

Below are a few major features of the Free Netflix Account –



Through the Free Netflix Account, you get the Premium plan where you can watch with over 4 screens simultaneously running. Thus, you and your three other close ones can watch Netflix at the same time.

High Quality

High Quality

The Free Netflix Account that we have mentioned here is of Premium Plan and hence you get HD+Ultra HD quality shows and movies. There is no compromise in the quality but your internet connection should be reliable enough as well.


Free Netflix Account and Password - Daily Updated

There is an option of sharing the Netflix Account Username and Password with your close ones. But here, you will have to take care of the thing that nobody from your circle changes the password or the email. You can use the Netflix Cookie Method or Share the URL for Netflix account and this way you will not be obliged to share the password.

Download Option


Downloading videos and watching them later is what many people prefer. If you are one of them then you can easily download videos of shows or movies and watch them later.

Latest TV Shows and Movies

The Premium account offers almost all the latest TV shows and Movies. Thus you can easily get your hands on them.

Conclusion –

I hope the post was useful for you. In case you did not get the Free Netflix Account today, try it tomorrow or later. But if you do not just want to keep waiting and ignore the password and username process, you can then simply use the Netflix Mod Apk.

Happy Androiding:-)