3 Steps to Fix Mac Error Code 43 Permanently

Fix Mac Error Code 43: Being the most widely used Computer Operating System following Windows, Mac, as has its own advantages, at times displays some errors too. I find no need to mention what standard Apple brings for you. Mac being one of its outcomes is undoubtedly one of the best OS Programs around the globe. Apple lovers always prefer Mac over anything and to be honest all of us do! But even machines come with some faults. And this is what we will be sharing with you all today.

What is Mac Error Code 43?

Mac Error Code 43 is one of the most commonly occurring errors and though you may find it quite difficult to tackle this error but let me tell you there is no such thing to worry about. “The Operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found. (Error Code 43)”– This is what the Mac Error Code 43 looks like. There can be a number of reasons for this kind of error. Some of which are listed below:

ix Mac Error Code 43

Reasons for Mac Error Code 43

  • Incompletely Downloaded Files: Files that have been downloaded incompletely are one reason for triggering Mac Error Code 43. Hence, carefully looking up to the downloading process of a file before placing it to the trash area is the suggested precaution here.
  • An issue in Hard Drive: A defected hard drive could be one reason for the Mac Error Code 43. Getting the Hard drive repaired is the only viable solution in this case.
  • Locked files or Active Files: Mac Error Code 43 can also be experienced if you move a file that is locked or is active i.e. in use somewhere. Hence, you will have to check if the file is locked and then unlock it. Otherwise, stop the file which is in use. And then move the file.
  • Illegal Characters in Filenames: At times, some files are named with illegal characters in them like- !@$#&*%^ and similar other. Do not use such characters while naming the files. If you come across any such file, it might be one reason for the Error code. At such situations, you should rename the files.
  • No Shared Point for a File: Mac Error Code 43 can occur when the finder is unable to find the file that you are willing to move.

How to Fix Mac Error Code 43?

You can tackle Mac Error Code 43 by adopting any of the methods given below.

Method 1: Reset PRAM or NVRAM to fix Mac Error Code 43

PRAM and NVRAM is the abbreviation for Parameter Random Access Memory and Non-volatile Random Access Memory, resp. Basically, it is a minor memory used by Mac OS to save certain settings so as to fastly access them. When you reset NVRAM or PRAM, for 98 of 100 times, you see your error fixed.

  • Shut Down Mac.
  • When it is shutting down, search for the Command, Option (alt), P and R keys.
  • Turn On Mac. Then Press Command+ Option+ P+ R, altogether before the grey colored screen of a startup comes on the display.
  • Hold down the keys Command+ Option+ P+ R till the moment you hear the startup sound for three consecutive times. After that only release the keys.
  • If you do not hear the startup sound from the Mac in the previous step, Turn it off once more and then start the steps again.
  • This should do the job to fix Mac Error Code 43.

Method 2: Using Disk utility to Fix Mac Error Code 43

  • Go to Apple Menu at the Top Left Corner of Mac Screen. There, Select Restart.
  • When the PC Restarts, press and hold down Command+ R key together till you come across the Apple Logo.
  • Next, select the option of Disk Utility. Then click on Continue.
  • In the Left Panel, choose the device that you are willing to repair. Then click on the First- Aid option. And lastly, press continue with disk utility check procedure.
  • Be patient for a while and then you will come across a report according to which you have to take further action.
  • Following are some reports that occur mostly:
  • Disk is about to fail:- Backup all of your data and replace that disk with a new one.
  • No issues or Issues resolved:- For such a report, Exit tool since everything is alright.
  • Overlapped Extent Allocation Error:- Meaning that a number of files are at the same spot on the system One of them could be corrupt and hence a reason for the error. Locate them in the folder of Damaged files and either repair it or delete it.
  • The Underlying Task Reported failure:-  At such situations, run First-Aid Tool again and even if the problem doesn’t go away, backup all your data and format the disk.

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Method 3: Declutter Trash and Locked Files

As we mentioned earlier, Locked files could be a reason that you have met up with Mac Error Code 43. In order to fix Mac Error code 43 caused due to locked files, the steps mentioned below can help.

  • Open Terminal on Mac.
  • Enter the command given below and enter your password, if asked.

chflags- R nouchg

  • Next, double Click on the Trash Icon and simultaneously press Command+A. This selects all the files. Drag all those files you want to delete from Trash to Terminal so as to EmptyTrash.
  • The Mac Error Code 43 should now be gone.

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Wrapping Up:

That was it about fixing Mac Error Code 43. I assume you all have solved your Mac Error Code 43 issue by now. If not, or if you have any questions, do let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you ASAP.

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