How to convert Int to String in Python

Convert Int to String in Python:- When you are programming in Python, you can avoid the ‘TypeErrors’ simply by converting an integer to a string. When converted numbers into strings, you can with ease arrange the results into a table format. You can make use of the ‘str’ function so as to convert an integer into a string. Given below is a guide that will help you convert int to String in Python.

convert Int to String in Python

What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. This attractive program for rapid application development gives dynamic typing, dynamic building plus high-level built-in data structures. This program can be used as an adhesive to get together components of scripting. The easy-to-learn syntax reduces the cost of Maintainance program by maintaining readability.

What is a String in Python?

A String in Python is nothing but a sequence of characters of a derived data type. They are irreconcilable, i.e. you cannot change them once they are defined. In Python methods, you can create a copy of a string but not modify an original string.

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How to convert Int to String in Python?

Step 1:- To begin converting Int to String in Python, first of all, Launch Python Editor.

Step 2:- Then, type ‘str (number)’

Step 3:- Lastly, hit the Enter button.

This way you can convert an Int to String in Python.

You can also prompt the user to enter a number. By using the ‘int’ function to convert a number to int, add 5 to the integer. Next, ‘str’ function will convert the int to string in python.

“print (Enter int:”,) answer= input()

number= int(answer) addFive= number+5

print( “adding 5 to number, we will get an answer” +str (addFive))”

If you do not make use of the ‘str’ for converting int to string in python, you will come across the “TypeError: Cannot concentrate “str” and “int” objects.”

convert Int to String in Python

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