Chrome OS Beta Update; channel updated to 83.0.4103.50

Finally the Chrome OS Beta Update v83.0.4103.50 is here. The update has been released and Google says, it will be delivered to all devices in coming days. There are not any bigger changes included. However, the minor bug fixes and security updates have made everything easier.

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In case you have already received an update and have found out about some issues or bugs, you can file a report on the official Google Forum.

Changelog Chrome OS Beta channel got updated to 83.0.4103.50

Here is the complete Changelog of the latest Chrome OS beta channel version 83.0.4103.50.


  • Prevent RTCVideoDecodeAdapter from being destroyed while the callback is posting.
  • EagerCacheStorageSetupForServiceWorkers feature is disabled due to a regression that prevented websites from loading correctly when attempting to reload immediately after registering a new service worker with a fetch handler that uses cache_storage.
  • Fixed a bug with WebRTC that causes a crash when adding the same frame twice in a transformer.
  • Backported patch that makes percentage-sized SVG documents zoom. Previously, they would appear unchanged under zoom because the percentage of the viewport remained the same, making zooming feel “broken.”
  • Partial fix to a bug that causes Cache API to delete cached files.
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Demo Mode

  • Google Play store will be disabled if the Chromebook was enrolled offline.

Family Link

  • Chromebooks with Family link managed accounts will now be able to add a secondary school account by default, no flag adjustments needed.
  • Separated Android Chrome’s time limit from Chrome OS Chrome. Previously, Android chrome’s time limit was used to set the time limit for Chrome OS Chrome. New commit disables the web time limit feature flag.

File Manager

  • Fixed “Open” button text color for the old file manager (not file-ng).


  • Revert patch that caused incorrect app names to get synced when the sync page doesn’t load correctly.

Safe Browsing

  • Deep scanning features (Malware scanning and Content Compliance) enabled by default.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the permission bubble to move to the right side of the omnibox instead of the left where the lock icon is.

Web Payments

  • Abort app installations when closing Incognito window.


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That was it all about the latest Chrome OS Beta channel 83.0.4103.50 update. Hope you found the article of use.

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