How to change a Minecraft skin

How to change a Minecraft skin

In the game of Minecraft, you are able to play as any character – as an alien, an Iron Man or a Yoda even! That character is called a skin. If you are wondering how to change a Minecraft skin, then you have come to the best place to do so.

The picture that you can see below is just what a standard Minecraft character looks like. This one is the default character named Steve (there is also another default skin you can use named Alex). If you want to take a good look at yourself during the game, you can do so by pressing the F5 key. If you press the same key again, it would change the view so that you’ll be able to see your character up close.

How to change a Minecraft skin

We cannot say anything bad about the default skin. Steve is decent enough, but, to be honest, he is very boring to play as. It especially shows if you play on a server – playing as ‘Steve’ practically screams that you are a ‘beginner’. Lucky you – the process of changing a skin in Minecraft is incredibly easy!

How to Change a Minecraft Skins if you are a PC user

Changing your skin in the PC/Desktop edition has definitely evolved over the years. The good news is, it even keeps getting easier! Depending on whether you want to alter your look to one of the featured ones in the in-game skin chooser or you want to download one from the internet, there are two basic sets of instructions you should follow if you really want to change a skin.

Changing a Minecraft Skin In-Game

Minecraft was recently updated, and it became very simple for one to change a skin inside the game itself. There are some featured skins in Minecraft you could choose from, and you can get this done using the very handy Skin Chooser feature. The only thing you have to do is to just click on the clothes hanger button below your character on the main title screen.

change a Minecraft skin

After you do so, you can preview and select from a selection of different skins. Many of them would be free, yet there are still some that must first be unlocked with the Minecraft Coins, which you should use if you want to purchase the downloadable content available in-game only. If you want to purchase a certain skin, please note that the skins for purchase are marked with a white lock icon.

How to change a Minecraft skin (3)

Downloading a Skin from the Web

Of course, you are not limited to use the skins you can find only in the Skin Chooser feature. There are actually numerous skins available around the Internet, which you can get for free simply by downloading them! The whole process of finding and downloading a new Minecraft skin from the Web is a teeny bit more complex, but it can be made simple if you follow these steps!

Step 1. Download your new skins

Minecraft skins are essentially very small images in the PNG format. An uninstalled skin looks like an unassembled paper doll:

You can download a skin from pretty much any website, so the choice is completely up to you! It also doesn’t really matter where on your computer you prefer to save your skins, as long as you remember the exact place! Also, if you change the name of your file, it will be so much easier for you to organize your collection.

Step 2. Log in to

Once you have downloaded your desired skin, go on and log in to your profile on the official Minecraft website. Click on the Profile button and log in to your account (the username is the e-mail you used to register).

Step 3. Upload your skin from the Profile page

Once you have logged in to your profile page, click the Browse button and find the downloaded skin. After you have selected that skin, press the Upload button and wait for the confirmation message.

Step 4. Enter the game of Minecraft and try out your skin

After doing all those steps, the only thing that is left for you to do is log into the game of Minecraft. If you have already done so, leave the game and then enter it again. Once you have done that, load up a world and press the F5 key to see your new skin. Fancy bastard now, are you?

Step 5. Customize your new skin from the menu

Since the latest update to Minecraft 1.8, skins are now able to incorporate certain separate items such as coats, jackets or hats, without you needing to install any new mods.
If you want to customize your skin, go to Options and then click Skin Customization. Please note that only the most recent skins are compatible with the Minecraft 1.8 features.

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