Internet Service Providers and Online Gaming: Important Factors to Know

Online gaming has been a virtual escape for many individuals whether they are teenagers, adults, university and school goers, or even people who hold a full-time job. When you have a habit of going online and playing your favorite interactive game whether it is on a PC or a console, you demand the absolute best from your internet service provider in terms of internet speed, reliability, and much more. 

Internet service providers like Spectrum focus on exactly that, high-speed internet. Spectrum customers who go online and indulge in their favorite multiplayer games like Warzone and GTA 5 not only demand high internet download speeds, rather they also want their internet service provider to provide them a reliable and stable internet connection that provides suitable internet upload speeds with minimum ping rate. Spectrum Internet provides all that and more. Talk about unlimited data and no contracts, Spectrum has it. You could also inquire about the many more perks that Spectrum Internet has on offer for its internet consumers by placing a call on the Spectrum Support Phone Number

Our talented team of researchers has prepared enough content for you to figure out the best solution to your online gaming experience. 

Internet Download Speed Versus Upload Speed

The internet download speed is the rate at which content or media gets download onto your device or screens. In terms of online gaming, your internet download speed is the rate at which visual information and commands are made available to the gamer or user. Internet upload speed is the rate at which your PC or console sends the information or data that you have entered to the gaming servers.  

When you talk about online gaming, internet upload speeds are the least of your worries, and here is why. Even in the most basic of internet connections, the internet upload speed lies between the 1 Mbps to 3 Mbps marks. This is sufficient internet upload speed for a pleasant online gaming experience however when it comes to online gaming, the internet download speed is where the issue lies. When choosing an internet plan or connection, make sure that the internet speed you get is sufficient enough to be shared between all those devices that would be connected to your wireless internet connection. 

Best Types of Internet Connections: Ranked

Having an internet connection installed at your place or getting a subscription to one service provider is one thing but making sure that the type of internet connection is the one that is best suited to you, your needs, your consumption rate, etc. is the essential key to ensure that the internet service you have gotten for yourself is the right one. Below is all the widely accessible type of internet connection ranked in order which are perfect for online gaming. 

  1. Fiber Optic Type of Internet Connection
  2. Coaxial Cable Type of Internet Connection
  3. DSL Type of Internet Connection
  4. Fixed Wireless Type of Internet Connection
  5. 5G and 4G LTE Type of Internet Connection
  6. Satellite Type of Internet Connection  

What Can You Do to Reduce Lag?

Stop Using the Wireless Internet Connection

Simply disconnect all the wireless internet-enabled devices that are connected to the single source of wireless internet. This would ensure that your console or PC receives sufficient bandwidth to run your online game properly and give you the online gaming experience that you crave.

Upgrade Your Internet Connection

This option quite possibly might be the best solution for the internet customer in the long run. Once you figure out that the internet speed that you are currently consuming is not enough but are very satisfied with the internet service provider and its overall performance, then you could opt to upgrade on your current internet plan and move on towards bigger and better things. 

Change Your Internet Service Provider

When it comes to your internet service provider, compromising is not an option that you should ever go for. The reason why we say this is because once you start to compromise on your internet speed, then you would have to compromise on your overall digital standard of living. This means accepting the fact that you would face long buffering wait times, frequent lags, and a poor online experience. 

Wrapping Things up

In the article above we have carefully touched upon details, however minuscule they are, that define exactly the type of internet connection that internet consumers or customers need to take full advantage of their internet connection to enjoy their online gaming experience. 

The gist of it all, though, is that individuals need to focus more on the internet download speed, ping rates, and the type of internet connection i.e. fiber optic, coaxial cable, fixed wireless, etc. that they have to get the online internet gaming experience that they want and need.