InstaULTRA APK Download Latest Version 2019

Download InstaULTRA APK:- Who does not like to have more privileges than others do? And what if these privileges mean to have an Instagram app that will let you download pictures, videos, stories in one click, copy comments and bios and let you hide view status?

If you want to avail all of these in one app then you are at the right place! In today’s article, we are sharing with you InstaULTRA Apk latest version which will let you download images, videos, stories on Instagram with one click!

Download InstaULTRA Apk

What is InstaULTRA APK?

InstaULTRA APK is an app that serves its users new and cool Instagram Mods. In simple words, you can call it an alternative to GBInstagram.

Due to the heart-breaking decision from GBInstagram to not develop GBInstagram, many mod users had lost hope for using some cool mods for Instagram.

But nothing to worry about as we have the best alternative for GBInstagram- InstaULTRA APK! With this alternative, you can use great mods for Instagram and trust me this will help you in many ways!

There are certain necessities that Instagram would need like downloading pictures but dues to its strict privacy policies, you are not allowed to download anybody’s videos, images, etc. Although you can save these, they will not be a member of your phone gallery.

However, if you use InstaULTRA APK, you can use Instagram with all its features even supporting links but in addition, you will be rewarded with some other features like hiding view status.

So what are you waiting for? Let us begin with the article where I have shared with you the InstaULTRA Apk download link along with the method to install it and some of the cool features that will surely attract you. Here we go-

Download InstaULTRA APK Latest in 2019

App NameInstaULTRA
App Size33 MB
App version0.9.2.10
AuthorSommer Damous
Last Updated10 February 2019



How to Download and install InstaULTRA APK on Android?

Given below is a short and simple guide on how you can install InstaULTRA APK on your Android and make modifications through various mods of this apk. Here we go-

Step 1:– I assume you have completed the InstaULTRA Apk latest version download from the download link given above. So we can proceed to the further step-

Step 2:– Go to the location where you have saved the InstaULTRA apk v0.9.2.10 or you may click on it in the notification bar.

Step 3:– Once you tap on the downloaded file, you will be asked Security permissions from your Android. Grant all the permissions.

Step 4:- Go to the Settings> Security of your device and enable Unknown Sources option.

Enable Unknown Sources-Lucky Pacther

Step 5:- You are done here! The apk has been installed on your device. You can now visit the Instagram app, login or Sign up and go to your profile in the Setting tab to enable various mods through this app.

InstaUltra Apk InstaUltra Apk   InstaUltra Apk InstaUltra Apk

Specifications of InstaULTRA App

Given below are some of the highlighted features of InstaULTRA APK v0.9.2.10 latest version that will make you download this app without any second thought-

Download Videos and Photos– You can download the videos and photos from Instagram which otherwise the app does not support to download.

Anti-Ban- This app is not banned anywhere and you can use it without any worries as you won’t be doing anything illegal.

Copy Comments– If you are an Insta lover, you might know that you cannot copy anything except the messages on this app. Many times, some comments and captions are worth copying but you cannot copy it all. However, with the help of InstaULTRA APK, you can even copy comments on Instagram.

Download Stories– Stories on Instagram don’t last longer than a day and hence saving them is of more priority than pictures or videos. On the Instagram app, you are not given the option of downloading stories but with the InstaULTRA APK, you can download stories as well!

x86 devices supported– Support for x86 devices and links in the Instagram app.

Save all images once– As you know, Instagram provides the option of uploading more than one picture once. But while downloading it through InstaULTRA, you do not have to download each picture separately. With one single click, you can download all the pictures at once.

Copy Bio– Some bios really attract us enough that we intend to copy them. however, since Instagram does not allow copying any written matter on it except for the messages, you cannot directly copy them and it surely turns out to be inconvenient to copy lengthy bios manually. And hence InstaULTRA has this cool feature through which you can copy bios of anyone as well!

App links Supported– The links in the Instagram app are supported by InstaULTRA so you do not have to switch in between these two apps just to go to some links every time.

Hide View Status– Similar to GBWhatsApp feature,  InstaULTRA allows you to enjoy watching other people’s status without even letting them know of it! Isn’t that cool?

You can also allow audio of videos even if it was in the mute state while downloading.

These were just some of the features of this great app. For more such features, you will yourself have to have an experience of it. So what are you waiting for? Download InstaULTRA apk!

Wrap up

I assume you all have found the article on InstaULTRA APK useful and now you are able to download videos, images, and stories directly with one click. Luckily due to this great feature of InstaULTRA APK, you do not have to switch between it and the Instagram app for following certain links.

Thus you enjoy the Instagram app with more options! In case of any questions or queries, feel free to let us know in the comment box below. We will be glad to help you out.

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Happy Androiding 🙂