GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed only 500 MB (100% Working)

GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed

If you are a game freak and are looking for a way to play GTA with all its high mount graphics on a normal PC then here is the solution for you. With the GTA San Andreas Highly compressed game, you can play the game even on a normal PC not worrying about the graphics issues. Want to know how? Keep reading the article below-

What is GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed?

GTA- Grand theft Auto is a game that has been ruling over the game freaks ever since it has originated. Everything, from the action, thrill to game characters, weapons, cars, is remarkable. If you are a GTA Player, you might be aware that GTA San Andreas is one of the best versions the game has introduced to its players. Although GTA is one of the amazing games in history, due to the extremely huge size of the game you cannot have the high mount graphics of the game on any normal PC.

But not to worry as we have got the solution for you all. Although the initial size of the game is 4.7 GB, the San Andreas Highly Compressed size is merely 2 MB. Yes, you read that right. Plus, I would like to mention this specifically for those worrying about graphics, the miniature compressed size of the game does not affect its graphics at all. You can experience playing the 4.7 GB game in a 2 MB space with no interruptions.

GTA San Andreas game is a third-party shooter game. This game has been developed by IO Interactive nearly 16 years ago. This virus-free highly compressed game file has been tested by us initially and due to the successful outcome, we are sharing with you this game.

gta san andreas highly compressed


To install GTA San Andreas Highly compressed file on your PC, you need to have the following requirements fulfilled-

  • At least 256 MB RAM.
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista 7
  • The hard disk of 4.7
  • System BITS- 32 BITS/ 64 BITS
  • Video Card- DirectX 9.0c Compatible Card
  • 1.4 GHz Pentium 4

How to install GTA San Andreas Highly compressed?

Step 1:- To begin with, download and install the game from the link given below-

Step 2:– Now, install KGB achiever.

Step 3:- Once the installation is done, open KGB achiever and then extract the GTASA.kgb file.

Step 4:– Be patient until the process gets done.

Step 5:– Once you decompress, open the GTASA folder, and then you are all set to enjoy your game.

Note:– Once you download the Highly Compressed GTA San Andreas, unzip the file.

Screenshot of GTA

Download GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed Download GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed

Wrapping up:-

I would like to mention this specifically that the hack of compressing the game has worked incredibly and you can give it a shot too. Although the steps mentioned above are easier to understand even for the newbies if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I hope you all have installed the GTA San Andreas Highly compressed file on your PC. In case of any doubts or queries, you can let us know in the comment section below.

Happy Androiding:-)