Get Grammarly Premium free: I would be surprised to know that you are a professional or passionate writer and write for business purposes as well and you are not yet aware about Grammarly. Indeed who know the power and importance of Grammarly will surely grab the offer to get Grammarly Premium for free.

Are you writing an official letter, are you having a business conversation, are you chatting with a grammar nazi? Then let me tell you, you must choose every step wisely! The consequences of showing a carelessness towards any of them can cost you a lot more than an app! Your language and specifically grammar define you when you are having an official or non-official talk.

Many times, even if we are very well aware with the language, we tend to make mistakes that we don’t even realize but they do make a greater impact. At such times, a helping hand would be used. And one such is the Grammarly App that helps you out with the grammar mistakes we make.

Before getting into the actual procedure of getting Grammarly Premium for free, here is what you should once see, especially if you are not familiar with Grammarly:

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the best online tool over the internet and globe for checking Grammar. Basically, this is an app that checks all types of errors that include spelling mistakes, grammar errors, vocabulary, punctuation, and a lot more ahead.

If you are a student or a blogger or a writer then Grammarly has got a lot to offer you guys. With Grammarly, you can even change your writing accent from British English to US English and vice versa. Grammarly can solve literally 250 types of grammatical errors in just one single click.

And apart from that, Grammarly also gives you suggestions for citations. Isn’t that amazing? Your writing style also can be improved with the use of Grammarly. The only backlog of this great tool is that you cannot use Grammarly on Smartphone but only on Computer.

Grammarly Premium Account Free

Grammarly, Premium or Free?

Grammarly Free:

Grammarly Free version can be used if you are a student or a writer and want just the basic writing to be error free but not as much advanced error-free. With the Free Version of Grammarly, you can solve up to 100 various types of grammar errors.

Grammarly  Premium:

In the Grammarly Premium, you can solve 250 grammar errors with just one click. This version has got some amazing features like Vocabulary enhancement, Plagiarism Checker, etc.

Get Grammarly Premium for free:

Given below are three different methods through which you can get the Grammarly Premium for Free. Try any of them as per your convenience and use the Grammarly app to its fullest.

Get Grammarly Premium Account Free

Method 1: Grammarly Premium Free Account for Bloggers

If you are a blogger or a creator you might know the importance of an appropriate language and if you want your blog to have the perfect language with no errors, and if your blog has a decent ranking then you can make use of this tool to improvise your language, grammar and consequently the traffic of your blog. Here is how you can get your hands on the Grammarly Premium Free Account-

Step 1: By clicking on the button below, Sign up for the Free Account of Grammarly.


Step 2: For a few days, use the Grammarly free version.

Step 3: Now send an email to the Grammarly Team that you have used Grammarly for a time now and you now wish to do a Sponsored Post on Grammarly so as to test it, you want Grammarly premium Account Access.

Step 4: Be patient for a while and then Grammarly will send you a Premium Account and Username and Password.  This account will be valid for a month after which you will have to write a review post on it.

Step 5: Once you post the article regarding Review of Grammarly, send it to the Grammarly Affiliate Team and then you will be given a Grammarly Premium Free Account.

And you are done!

Method 2:  Grammarly Premium Free Account: Refer and Earn

There is no need to worry if you are not a blogger, you still can get your hands for free on the Grammarly Premium account. Here is what you can do for it:

Step 1: Create A New account on Grammarly by clicking the button given below.

Step 2: Then add Grammarly extension to your browser.

Step 3: Now Login to your Account by clicking on the extension icon.

Step 4: Now navigate to extension icon and tap on it. Then click on the Invite and earn option.

Step 5: You can now share your affiliate link with your friends and family and then ask them to create new accounts. For every referral you gave, you will be gifted one week Grammarly premium free Account. You can also get one-year free access from just 50 referral points.

Method 3: Grammarly Premium Free Account for Lifetime Via Flikover

Flikover is the online company that provides you with various tools like SEO Tools at a much lower price than actual. Although more than a half of their services are paid, they give Grammarly Premium Access for just 150 INR per month. Earlier Flikover used to give Grammarly Premium Free Access.

However, now its paid. Still, that is not a really bad deal, this method is surely optional anyway, so if you want you can select from other three methods as well.

Step 1: Create an Account on Flikover by clicking on the button given below.


Step 2: Once you login to your account, you will come across a list of products on your dashboard. There, scroll down, look for Grammarly and then click on it to visit the tab.

Step 3: You will now be asked to install two extensions of Flikover and directly add them.

Step 4: Now, after having installed both the extensions, refresh the page. You will then get access to Grammarly link in footer tap on it.

Step 5: Once that you have paid INR 150 for Grammarly on Flikover, in a few seconds, you will get the Grammarly Premium Account. You can then add the Grammarly extension to your browser and get the premium access.

Features of Grammarly Premium Free Account:

  • Replacing Synonyms: When you are writing something lengthy and certain word or words repeat themselves time and again, then Grammarly can replace that word with its synonym.  You will see a huge difference and much experienced and advanced writing.
  • Correct Spelling errors: At times, either because we do not know or because of some sort of hurry or half knowledge of the word, we make a number of spelling mistakes. And these go unnoticed. For such cases, this tool catches all those spelling mistakes and can give you the correct spellings automatically.
  • Rewriting Exact Punctuation: This happens for most of the times.  We generally by mistake give a punctuation mark at an inappropriate place and forget to give one where it was much needed. However, now you do not need to worry as this tool will itself put a punctuation mark where it is needed.
  • Correct Grammar Mistakes: Making Grammar mistakes is a usual thing that happens with almost everyone for almost every time. This one Grammar mistake can ruin your complete sentence and its meaning and your write up and your impression. This turns the write up useless and difficult to understand. But our Tool has got this problem fixed as well. You can get your Grammar errors corrected with this tool.

Final Verdict:

So, guys, this was all about Grammarly Premium Free and how you can get your hands on it through four various methods.  You can try any of the methods as per your convenience. Hope you found the article of use and got your Grammarly Premium Free Account.

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Happy Androiding  🙂