Different Ways to Delete Apps on your Android Phone

Different Ways to Delete Apps on your Android Phone: It is a known fact that one of the many reasons why Android has become important is its ease of customization. Unlike iOS, the speciality that stands out the  Android from the rest is that it allows you to tweak with every little setting and customize the UI to the extent that it bears no resemblance to the original out of the box device. This is possible because of apps. Android’s official app store which is known as the Play Store offers over 3 million apps to choose from. 

But it is also important that the users must know the ways that they have to uninstall some apps which they don’t want in the system anymore. So without any more delay let us have a look at the ways available to Delete Apps from your Android Phone. 

Different Ways to Delete Apps on your Android Phone

Option 1: How to Delete Apps from the Settings

Step 1: Initially you are supposed to open the Settings on your Android Device.

Step 2: Then in there you can find the Apps section, select it.

Step 3: Upon doing so you will be able to open all the apps installed on your device. Then you might have to search for the app that you would like to delete.

Step 4: You also have the option to search for the app to expedite the process.

Step 5: Then upon locating the app you would have to open the settings of the app.

Step 6: In there if you look carefully you can find the Uninstall button. Upon selecting that option that particular app will be removed from the device. 

Option 2: How to Delete Apps from the App Drawer

Step 1: To start the process first you have to open the app drawer by scrolling up. Note that this swiping up thing could as well change where in some you might have to select or tap on the app drawer option.

Step 2: Then upon reaching the app drawer you can as well search for the app that you would want to uninstall from the phone. 

Step 3: Then simply tap and hold on the app’s icon and then you can also find the Uninstall option.

Step 4: Then you can either drag and drop that app near the uninstall button or by simply pressing the Uninstall button.

Step 5: Then simply confirm your decision by pressing Okay. Upon doing so you are good to go. 

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