Xiaomi introduces new Mijia Capsule coffee machine on July 8

Xiaomi is Launching new Mijia Capsule coffee machine on July 8 in Home Country China at 10 AM local time. 

Xiaomi is a well-known brand that provides products to people at a very reasonable price. The name of Xiaomi became well known because of the mobile they are launching at a reasonable price with good features.

Xiaomi is launching various new products under the brand of Mijia. They are doing this for crowdfunding on the platform. China will be the home country for crowdfunding.

Moreover, crowdfunding will take place from the 8th of July. The time of starting is at around 10 am local time.


What’s New in Mijia capsule Coffee Maker?

Previously Xiaomi introduced a SCISHARE coffee maker, which was also under the brand of Mijia. The SCISHARE machine was introduced in the year 2017, and the price was around $58.

The shipment and also, manufacturing takes place in China. Amazon has this product, and so one can buy this if they wish to. However, if you are not having one such and planning to buy, then you can wait for the new one.

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Coffee modes

There were two coffee modes for this machine one was the Italian espresso, and the other was the American coffee. However, this time they are planning to introduce more types of coffee.

Hot water function

The SCISHARE was having an independent hot water function along with a reminder. The reminder basically helps you to get reminded when there is a low amount of water in the coffee maker.

Size for coffee

Now, in case of size, the coffee maker has some levels at the top of the machines. These levels basically represent the size of coffee a person wants to make. There are 8 different sizes that increase from left to right.

This new Mijia coffee capsule will also be having such features. But this time they are planning to make it easier to use.

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Extra benefits

Previously, the Xiaomi brand was giving around 40 capsules as a gift. The Mijia coffee maker will be available in different colors, just like the Scishare coffee maker.

The new Mijia coffee maker will be having LED illumination, just like the Scishare one. The automatic shutdown of the machine with inactivity for a certain time will also be there.

No need to worry regarding washing the machine as there is a designated container where the used capsules will get deposited.

Previously the Scishare was a great value for money and hope this time Xiaomi under Mijia will provide their customers with more features.

Improvements Xiaomi is planning to make under Mijia

One of the basic disadvantages of the Scishare coffee maker was the space of coffee. It is having 0.6 liters of the water tank. I hope this time Xiaomi, under Mijia, increases the space.

Moreover, the type of coffee will also be increased as they are going to add some more types of coffee along with Italian espresso and an American one.

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Pricing of the Mijia coffee capsule machine

With respect to the product and maintaining their reputation of keeping the budget low, the price will be around $50 that 349 yuan. This pricing is during the crowdfunding time. However, the retail price of this product will be 399 yuan or $57.

This is a good price that the company is providing. Let’s hope for the best that the quality of the product remains good. According to Xiaomi, their main motive is to provide the customers with good machines that will be easy to handle.

Basically, they are saying that their main aim was to reduce the complex nature of a machine and have a coffee drink without any issue and without spending much time.

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