Why Jashan Harish is Called as Savage Marketer

Many of you have heard of Jashan Harish the savage marketer. Born in Balachaur Jashan is a self-taught marketer and has reached immense heights of success he started all this in 2012 when he was just 13 years old obviously, he started from nothing before jumping to Instagram he used to manage facebook pages but all of sudden due to an update he lost his facebook account, and after that he stopped using facebook and started on Instagram and then on websites. It is said that he controls over  50 influencers with more than 10 million followers collectively and recently he has signed 15 more influencers. Apart from this, he owns ten websites with 1 million monthly readers. Before being into marketer as every kid, he wanted to be an army officer he didn’t have any clue that his fate will take him into marketing and make him this much success at this young age.

Not only this, He has 4 million bases on Instagram and known for his vast network in influencers on Instagram. He’s the reason behind various trends that took place in India (because getting something viral is not a big thing for  someone managing influencers with millions  of followers.)

What he really do?

Why Jashan Harish is Called as Savage Marketer

As per his Instagram bio he sells clothes and shoes, Manages influencers, runs a company which provides digital marketing services, consultation to business and teaches people about digital marketing.
Recently it is reported that he collaborated with Rachit Singh for a new big project. If you don’t know Rachit Singh is the mentor of Jashan harish. Rachit Singh is an author, speaker, and marketer. They had worked before with some projects, but this time We think that it is going to be really big. What do you think it can be? Mail your guesses to Admin@androidjungle.com and let us see whose prediction goes right.

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