Valorant Act 3 Release Date and Time

In this article, we Re sharing with you all the Valorant Act 3 Release Date and Time. 

Recently, Riot teased a New Agent and Map for Valorant Act 3. And since then fans are waiting for Valorant act 3 Release. We can understand the eagerness for there are so many new components in the new game right from a new agent, a new map, new servers in Middle east and of course an upgraded battle pass.

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Valorant Act 3 Release Date and Time


Without any more wait we will tell you that Valorant Act 3 will release on October 13 worldwide. That’s just not it. The release will be at various times in different regions. here are all the timings you will need to know –

  • For NA/LATAM/BR – 6 AM PDT.
  • For Korea/APAC – 2 PM PDT.
  • For EU – 8 PM PDT.

Although Act 3 will be releasing on October 13 and the new map – Icebox will be added to the game, you will get to play it in competition only after October 27. The same goes without saying for Skye, the new agent, as well.

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As of your Act ranks, they will be locked at the end of Act 2, which will be refreshed in Act 3. You will most probably be placed in a skill group a little lower than your current rank.

In case you play in North American servers, you can queue for your last ranked game this Act till 4:30 AM Pacific Time. And the games which are queued after that will count towards your next Act’s rank.

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Valorant Act 3 New features

New Agent –  Skye

A new agent Skye has been introduced in Valorant Act 3. This new agent will be available from October 27. This character is Australian and has the below abilities –

  • A drone that can be controlled remotely to gain vision and damage/stun enemies.
  • A bird that can be used to scout out areas and detonated at will to flash enemies looking at it.
  • An Ultimate which sends out three wolves to hunt down enemies, stunning them on impact.
  • An AoE heal which can be used to heal her allies but not herself.

New Map – Icebox

The new map, Icebox, as the name says is Snow themed and is located in Tundra. The map includes components like two bomb sites and ziplines which help users move faster through some areas in the game.

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Battle Pass

The battle pass is an all new Batltle pass for Valorant Act 3. It includes new rewards line for the players. The rewards consist of – Player Cards, Skins, Buddies and so on.

Singularity Collection

The all-new Singularity Collection will hold a whole new collection of skins right from skins of Sherrif, Spectre, Phantom, Ares, and a melee.

Competitive Changes

The Competitive Changes made to the new Valorant Act 3 will help improve the queues in higher ranks. The players will be able to choose the servers before they join any queue.

However, they will not always get matched in their preferred servers. The rank of Immortal Plus Players will depend upon their wins and losses and not individual performance.

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That was all about Valorant Act 3 Release Date and Time. Hope you all liked the article. stay tuned with us for more such latest updates!

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