How to Unlock the Bootloader on Realme 3/3i Easily

Unlock the Bootloader on Realme 3/3i: Android is all about customizing, right? Well, you can customize any Android device out of the box. But, to customize beyond the limits, you will need to unlock bootloader and flash custom ROMs. Flashing custom ROMs is a story for another day, but in this post we are going to discuss Unlock the Bootloader on Realme 3/3i.

If you are looking to flashing custom ROMs or rooting your Android, then you must unlock your phone’s bootloader first. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the bootloader on Realme 3/Realme 3i using the official Unlock Tool and Fastboot commands. 

Realme has established strong roots worldwide, offering smartphones that feature powerful hardware at a competitive price. The company also aids and encourages custom development by providing official bootloader unlocking methods for enthusiasts who want to play around with the software. 

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So it is to be noted that an unlocked bootloader is mandatory in case you want to flash custom ROMs, install a custom recovery such as TWRP, or root your phone via Magisk. So when it comes down to Realme 3/3i or for that matter any Realme phone then the bootloader can easily be unlocked through fastboot.

Pre-Requisites to Unlock the Bootloader on Realme 3/3i 

Unlocking the bootloader will erase all the data stored on the device so it is advisable to backup the data. Also keep your device charged enough to go through the process. Then also keep the Android SDK platform-tools package downloaded and installed in your PC. These are some of the requirements to be met before beginning the process. So now let us get into the actual process

How to Unlock the Bootloader on Realme 3/3i

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Step 1: Enable the OEM Unlock option on your Phone

The first step of the process is to turn ON/enable the ‘OEM unlock’ option on your Realme 3/3i. To do this, to Settings>About Phone and then you have to continuously tap on the Version section for seven (7) times until you see the “You are now in Developer Model” message pop up in your screen. Now you must go to Settings>Additional Settings>Developer options on your phone and then turn ON the OEM Unlock switch.

Step 2: Download Realme 3/3i Unlock Tool and Validate Bootloader

Now once you are through the First step you now have to validate your phone’s bootloader for unlocking. In order to this you have to download the Unlock Tool for the Realme phone and then install the same. 

Once you are done installing you have to launch the Unlock Tool application and then tap on Start Applying. Then go through the Disclaimer which pops on your screen and then check I have read and agreed to the aforesaid content and then select Submit Application. You can apply for the bootloader unlocking will be sent and processed by the Realme servers. After about 15 minutes the Unlock Tool will show you Review successful message.


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Step 3: Start In-Depth Test & Reboot the Phone into Fastboot Mode

At this point, your bootloader unlocking request has been approved by Realme. So, you can now begin unlocking the bootloader on your Realme 3/3i. To do this, select the Begin In-Depth Test option in Unlock Tool app. Upon doing so, your phone will automatically reboot into Fastboot Mode, as shown in the figure below. 

Step 4: Unlock the Bootloader on Realme 3/3i using Fastboot

While your phone is in Fastboot Mode, connect it to the PC using a USB cable and then launch the command-line on your PC. Enter the command shown below in order to verify if your PC can communicate with your phone over the Fastboot interface.

On Windows

\fastboot devices

On macOS/Linux

\fastboot devices

Once you are done with it then the command-line should return your phone’s unique ID. If it doesn’t then make sure that you have the proper USB drivers installed or try using a different USB port on your PC. Now enter the following Fastboot command in the command-line window and hit Enter to start the bootloader unlocking process:

On Windows

\fastboot flashing unlock

On macOS/Linux

/fastboot flashing unlock

As soon as you are done entering the command, a confirmation prompt will be displayed on the phone’s screen. Use the Volume keys to move the selector to UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER and press the Power key to confirm and finally unlock the bootloader on your Realme 3/Realme 3i. Now the phone will automatically reboot and all the data on it will be erased. Once it boots, you can re-setup the phone, log into your Google account, etc by following the on-screen instructions.

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