Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Let’s accept it. Music is the ultimate healer and no one can ever not like it. If you were a Google Play Music user or let’s say addict but now after its shut down is looking for an alternative and want to transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music, here is a complete guide to help you out.

Google Play Music has been shut down by Google and the users are being transferred to YouTube Music which is another one of Google’s Music app. So if you are one of those transacted users, don’t worry as we have got your back.

Why did Google Shut down Google Play Music? / What happened to Google Play Music

Google had decided to shut down Google Play Music for 2 years now. The motive was to grab subscribers from YouTube. Google earlier had these two Music apps and the revenue from them was pretty the same. But YouTube offered to be more music source with direct band uploads and the ability to make videos into playlists. Plus users were more attracted to it to listen to and watch music.

Google Play Music to YouTube Music Transfer

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So finally Google finally decided to move GPM users to YouTube Music. The GPM users were sent an email and were asked to download YouTube music. The users had to tap on the Transfer button. Don’t worry below is a detailed guide for the same –

How to Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music

How to Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Step 1. Download YouTube Music App for Android or iOS.

Step 2. Open the app and tap on the Transfer button. This will move all data to YouTube music.

Step 3. You will see the YouTube Music Updated recommendations on the YouTube main screen.

Note – The Google Music Podcasts will be moved to Google Podcast App.

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How to transfer Google Play Music Podcasts?

Hold on Podcast fans! As mentioned earlier you cannot move Podcasts to YouTube Music. But you can transfer GPM Podcast to Google Podcast app.

  • Go to the Google Podcasts transfer page
  • Now tap on the Transfer button.
  • Once you tap on it, soon both the podcast subscriptions as well as playback progress will be transferred to Google Podcast.

Note – In case you use more than one account, you will have to transfer podcast separately for each account.

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What will be moved from Google Play Music to YouTube Music?

The 3 basic things will be moved in this transaction. These include –

  1. Subscription payment information – This clearly depends on if you have a GPM subscription. If you have one, it will be transferred accordingly to either YouTube Premium Music or YouTube Premium. This further depends on your amount of subscription.
  2. Music Library – this includes all the music you have saved and purchased including songs and albums. It also includes your playlists.
  3. Personal ratings – Like thumbs up or thumbs down.

I hope the article helped and you could easily transfer GPM to YouTube Music.

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Happy Androiding:-)

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