Team Fortress 2 Update Restricts Voice Messaging; now easier for players to Report

Team Fortress 2 Latest Update: Gaming platforms are supposed to be a safe space. You are interacting with different people from around the globe. But signs of foul language especially racist comments by bots were reported by many players. As such the gaming business was to suffer a lot.

An update for Valve’s Team Fortress 2 has been introduced which makes it a no harassing space, i.e, no players can abuse each other and if so happens, the event can be easily reported with this update.

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This update moreover allows kicking out harassing teammates and opponents. This update came into action as a consequence of a racist bot problem that was troubling the players of the community lately.

The latest update for Team Fortress 2 has two very peculiar features that are aimed at and should be helpful in eliminating any sort of latent toxicity in the matches. 

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The first feature is that of restricting voice messaging. The accounts in the game that are unable to chat cannot send any voice messages to anybody.

Secondly,  if a player doesn’t vote in a kick out or is unable to do so due to any server problems, connectivity issue, etc, then their vote would be considered an automatic yes and if the majority is yes, the player gets kicked out.

Previous updated versions of the game included being able to turn off and on voice and text messaging as per the players’ convenience. This function helped to deal with the game’s bots as well.

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Players were complaining about a lot of spamming with racist language and invasion by the bots during matches thus interrupting the game flow and breaking focus.

The same version had an added feature about reporting player dialogues, which has an even enhanced version in the successive update with an addition of matchmaking badge and time connection.

In addition to all the updating, multiplayer dialogues will have the same dialogue rules as for the report player too. This ensures the safety of the people and them continuing to play on this platform as well.

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The developing team of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 has come up with so many updates in quick succession for the first time in years. This has been done keeping in mind to provide secure and robust free services to the users.

Also, in the light of the world’s battle against issues of racism, sexism, etc, the online gaming platform did not want to be a part of it and wanted to be safe space for players where they can participate and have a gala time.

To much astonishment, Valve isn’t the only gaming platform to release all the updates and measures to keep the gaming community safe. Other companies like EA Sports and Infinity Ward join this league too by introducing similar security options to safeguard their players from any disturbances.

This is a great initiative by these companies and we can optimistically look forward to expecting increased participation of other companies in this league.

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Stay tuned for more such updates!

Happy Gaming:-)

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