How to Fix Splatoon 2 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Error

Splatoon 2 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Error: Splatoon 2 similar to its initial game is a third-person shooting game which is basically the trend going on for the past few years. The difference here is that instead of bullets and guns that you get in the remaining games, here you have paint and paint guns. Though it sounds like something that is for children but trust us when we say that the adults enjoy the game equally and in fact, they outnumber the children if we check the stats. 

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Here rather than killing the rest all you have to do is painting on the world as much as you can and the winner will be decided on the team which paints the most. So as good the game is there is definitely this issue where the WiFi keeps getting disconnected when playing the game and this being the major discomfort while playing the game especially because it is an online game. So here let us look at various methods available on how to Fix Splatoon 2 WiFi keeps Disconnecting Error. So without any more delay lets get started.


Method 1: Move Closer to your Router to Fix Splatoon 2 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Error

It is always better to start with the basics whatever the situation may be. So even here it is advisable to check your WiFi signal. You can see the strength of the signal that you have been receiving and you need to move your Nintendo Switch Closer to your Wireless router. Make sure that the Console should be around 10 feet distance from the Wireless Router and this distance can go up to a maximum of 15 feet.

Also as a known fact that any electronic devices or metal appliances can cause interference to the WiFi signal, so it is better if you keep the Router far from such devices. Also, there are some routers that give away two frequency bands so if you are connected to one of those then try and connect to the other one as it may sometimes solve the issue.

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Method 2: Use Wired Connection to Fix Splatoon 2 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Error

If the Wifi keeps disconnecting even after moving closer to the Router then you may have to try and connect to it using the Local LAN adapter. It is known to everyone that the interference will be very less if using a wired connection as compared to the Wireless. 

So if the issue is still not solved even after connecting with through wire and also the other devices which are connected to the same WiFi are facing the internet issues then it has to be an issue with the Modem and you may have to contact your ISP in order to solve the issue.

Method 3: Check for any Software Updates to Fix Splatoon 2 WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Error

If you feel that there are bugs and those could be the reason for the disconnection of WiFi when playing Splatoon 2 then the only best solution available to you is to update your software. The reason being these updates generally has the patches which fix such issues. So in order to check if there is any update available follow the following steps:

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  1. Go to the Home menu.
  2. In there click on System Settings.
  3. Then click on System.
  4. Then select System Update and then you have to wait for some time in order to allow the system to check if there are any new software update available. If any it will show you then just you have to press on download.
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