Sony PlayStation 5 Live In India On Flipkart and Amazon

A lot of hype was created for the release of Sony’s much-awaited PlayStation 5  console. The announcement of this home gaming console in 2019 and after almost a year’s wait, the product is finally launched for its customers and gaming fans in India On Flipkart and Amazon. 

All you know about PS5 in India

The current pandemic is not defeating Sony’s intentions of keeping up with their word to its followers. Irrespective of the situation in India and worldwide, Sony launched its product just on time and has further promised its customers that they will launch their future console games on “Holiday 2020”.

The Sony PlayStation 5 promotion plages are up and live on Flipkart and Amazon India. The pages have been designed in a classy way to attract a multitude of audience. Also, it comes with a notification button to keep you notified about any updates on the page or any further details given out about the gaming console.

Sony PlayStation 5 Live In India On Flipkart and Amazon

As people are staying indoors following and respecting the social distancing norms, Sony has taken up this great opportunity to make the most number of sales during this pandemic.

The Playstation 5 gaming console can be a great platform to engage yourself in while staying at home.

It keeps you entertained and time passes without your realization. However, it has been said a limited number of units will be available in the market for this particular console because of the obvious halt in the manufacturing of the product.

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Along with this console, the page is also promoting and putting up for sale PlayStation 5 accessories and the games that will be available in India. These assets are creating all the more buzz among people and the curiosity of who can get their hands on this console keeps increasing.

As for now, there is no confirmation as to hen the pre-ordering portals will be open. But the notification will reach you as soon as it happens!

Further, the price of this gaming console hasn’t been disclosed yet. This not only applies to India but the entire world market. The price of this console has been kept under covers which are making the customers rile up with excitement.

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PS5 Price

The general opinion of the audience says that this gaming console is going to be pretty much expensive and the ones that will follow this is to be more expensive than its predecessor. Rumors say that the price will range at $699 to 499 Euros.

Buy PS5 Now on Amazon

Buy PS5 Now on Flipkart

Now if you convert that to Indian currency and try to assume as to how much the price will stand in India currency, your assumptions will also read – “Expensive”. But let’snot get spoked up and be patient for the official announcement.

Availability of PS5 In India

Talking about the availably of the product, it has been claimed that the launch in India will be on the same line as the Global Launch so that there is equality n the chances of being able to buy your own PlayStation 5.

However, these are just rumors and back talks of people. As of now, no official announcements have been received from the manufacturer’s end.

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So let us all be patient and wait for the best news possible. We all know one thing for sure, Sony is definitely working along with its plan.

Happy Androiding 🙂

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