Snapchat Rolls out Snap Minis for Android and iOS

Snapchat is now Rolling out Snap Minis for Android and iOS. The Headspace Mini, Let’s Do It, Prediction Master and Flashcards Snap Minis were introduced in the last month’s Snap Partner Summit. 

Agree with it or not, Snapchat is indeed one of the best apps for today’s “social” generation. By far, in my opinion, it is the best privacy securing app in the market. The app always brings along something to surprise and engage its users. the same has been done now. Want to know more? Read further –


What is Snap Minis?

Snap Minis are tiny product experiences. You can see them in Search and Chat. Snapchat Minis are nothing but social experiences that users can have with their friends over Snapchat. This is really what the world needs now in Pandemic situations.

The Headspace Mini, Let’s Do It, Prediction Master, and Flashcards are the Snap Minis Snapchat users will be now receiving on both iOS as well as Android.


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Snapchat Rolls out Snap Minis for Android and iOS

Snapchat has rolled out four Snap Minis as below for Snapchat users –

Headspace Mini

The Headspace Mini, as its name suggests, deals with your headspace. It basically a mini that takes care of your emotional as well as physical wellbeing.

Snapchat in association with Headspace has also brought along a tool that lets you warn if your friend is at risk of self-harm.

Headspace Mini offers quick meditation sessions that one can have with their friends on Snapchat. Not just that, this mini also includes Motivational messages that you can pass to your friends. Isn’t that what one would want on a bad day? Or always?!

Let’s Do It

As the name suggests, this Snap Mini lets users make a decision with their group of friends.

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Prediction Master

This Snap Mini comes up with timely questions on different topics like – stocks and even sneaker drops.


Again, as the name says it all, the Snap Mini – Flashcards lets users create flashcard decks with their friends to help them study for exams. Now isn’t that cool?

That’s all we have for now. Do share your views on the addition of Snap Minis on Snapchat. We will be glad to hear from you!

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Happy Snapping:-)Snapchat-rolls-out-snap-minis

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