Samsung Galaxy S10 Snapchat Users receive a Black Bar at the bottom

Just after the Camera Zoomed in an issue that is still to be fixed through a Samsung update that will roll in a few months, there is another major and weird issue awaiting for the Samsung Galaxy S10 users – Black Bar at the bottom of the Snapchat screen.

The earlier issue regarding Zoomed screen over Snapchat is not just seen in the Samsung Galaxy S9/10 or Note 9, but also with some other devices like Google Pixel 3, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, etc. However, Snapchat posted addressing the issue that Samsung will be rolling out an update in a few months to fix the problem. It has directed the users to have the latest Snapchat version and latest device OS for updates.

When one issue was just about to be fixed, another ridiculous issue has raised with the Samsung Galaxy S10 users. This time it is a black bar appearing at the bottom of the Snapchat Screen.

snapchat black bar error

The reason for this stands unclear until now but chances are the recent Snapchat App Update is responsible for this error. It is believed that Snapchat has been failed to match the aspect ratio of the device with the app as a result of which the space is filled with a black bar on the bottom.

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Another theory that is coming forward is that Snapchat has broken the aspect ratio while fixing the camera zoomed in issue. This because many users facing the Black bar issue have stated that their Camera Zoomed in issue is no more seen after the update.

Hopefully Snapchat will fix these issues soon for the S10 users. If you too are a Samsung Galaxy S10 user, do share your observations on this with us. Keep up with us for more updates!

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  1. Yeah its fucking bullshit and my cousin XR is still zoomed in. My s10 was fixed but ya got the fuckin black bar now like how hard is it to this man im experienced in coding and it takes a real dumfuck to break the aspect ratio in snap


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