OnePlus needs Closed Beta testers for features specific to India

OnePlus has kept bringing to use the best series of phones almost every year and this year was of the OnePlus 7 series. These phones are not just launching devices with great features but also attracting users who had been using Apple, Samsung devices for a long time now. This shift of users has its reason in the regular OTA updates by the Chinese OEM.

In exchange for its service, India has offered a great market for Chinese mobile phone brands. In order to keep everything going good in the 6th largest economy of the world and enlarge the production of their phones, OnePlus has opted to new techniques. One of it is testing software features that are custom made for Indian users through the Closed Beta Testers.

OnePlus closed beta testers

The use of Closed Beta testers was announced officially at the Help forum of the company. Through this program, OnePlus is going to accept 100 applications from the users and the ones chosen will have to meet some requirements.

Just a word of advice I would like to give here is that this program will be requiring flashing builds that need a clean flash and hence it may lead to data wiping. Thus, be sure and aware before you apply to the Beta Tester Program.

The features introduced through the Closed Beta Testing program will be applicable to both OnePlus 6 and 7 series devices. Since the users with OnePlus 6 device are eligible as well, this means that the features introduced will be applicable to OnePlus 6 series devices too.

Also, the beta software will be released before the release of actual software so as to collect the feedback of the users. For your sake, we have mentioned the requirements that will be needed to apply for this program –

  1. User must own a OnePlus 7 or 6 series phone.
  2. User must be an active member of the OnePlus community.
  3. He/She must be ready to communicate and provide a feedback when asked by the OnePlus team.

Hope the article was useful for the Closed Beta Testers and the one willing to be Closed beta testers. There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the selected users on OEM yet. For updates, stay tuned with us!

Happy Androiding:-)

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