OnePlus 7 (Pro) Android 10 Developer Preview 5 introduces new option for Intelligent Battery Optimization

By disabling the Evenwell apps, Nokia has made a big move today. The OEM went – “When our devices that launched with Android N or Android O originally upgraded to Android 9 Pie, we started to gradually disable Evenwell while carefully monitoring end user feedback. Now we have completely disabled Evenwell from our legacy devices so even if you see the solution there, it does not do anything. On our new devices launching with Android 9 P (or later) releases we do not have Evenwell at all.”

While System apps seem to be amazing to some die-hard fans of the Chinese OEMs, we all know the ugly truth. The system apps from OEMs like Huawei (EMUI) or Xiaomi (MIUI) are nothing but battery manager apps. Everything seems pretty good until these apps block the notifications from the other apps and people find those notifications only by manually opening the app.

Well there has been no exception about this in case of OnePlus. The OxygenOS from OnePlus also fails to give instant notifications from apps and users have to manually check the apps to see the notifications. Here is one of the report from OnePlus user on the OnePlus forum –

“Good morning I have a problem my OnePlus 6 (White silk) when a message arrives on WhatsApp or a notification on Facebook, Instagram, or an email does not sound vibration. I have already proceeded to reset the phone app but the problem persists”



Word is that OnePlus is trying to revamp the feature of battery optimization in the future OxygenOS – 10. In the Developer Preview 5 which is based on Android 110 Beta 6, users are given more granular choice for whitelisting apps.


As you can see from the above screenshot, there is a new option called the ‘Intelligent Control’. Guess is that this feature has been coded by OnePlus from the Google’s AI enabled Background. This intelligent control which calculates per-app strategy based on the characteristics and running pattern of them is somewhat similar to the Google’s enabled background app power handling. You cannot force the new mode on in-built system apps.

The earlier function of ‘Optimize’ was certainly criticized since it not mandate the choice of users and reset it after every software update. that was it for now. And now OnePlus is up to give their customers an overall streamlined experience. We’ll keep you all updated.

Happy Androiding 🙂

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