Movie4me: Download Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Hindi dubbed movies

Movie4Me site offers a plethora of movies including Hollywood, Bollywood, Regional movies like Telugu Movies, Tamil Movies, etc. If not, there’s nothing to worry about. This post will fill you up with all the information you need to know about Movie4Me and Movie4Me 2020 Site link which will give you access to a whole world of movies. Here you can download Free online Movie.

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No matter how common streaming sites like Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc., are, we cannot ignore the fact that pirated movie sites will always exist. Even after tons of efforts of Governments of various countries and cybercrime laws, Pirated movie sites make their way into our device. But you value your ethics more, here are some alternatives to YouTube where you can watch free movies.

The most general reason for which people shift to such illegal sites is the high movies cost at Cinema halls as well as a hefty amount of subscription for Netflix, Hulu, etc. In addition to this, we do not get all sorts of movies on such Streaming sites. Keeping aside your love for Netflix, even you might agree that Netflix constitutes only a limited number of movies and shows.

These limitations give rise to the increasing demand for sites like Movie4Me which offer a much wider gamut for movies, shows, etc. You not only get Bollywood and Hollywood movies but also regional movies and shows. Not to forget, there are also old shows and movies shown on Movie4Me. All of this adds to its popularity and heavy usage.

What is Movie4Me?

Movie4Me is a pirated Movie site. This site offers various latest Movies for free. You will find almost all types of films on this site. Hollywood, Bollywood – Old and New, Tamil, Telugu, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Punjabi, etc, Movies can be enjoyed.

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How does Movie4Me work?

As said earlier, Movie4Me is a pirated Movie site. It shows copyrighted content for free. All one has to do is go to their official site and download the movie they want. Since Movie4Me offers almost everything for free, this induces piracy and a loss for the new movies and the entire film industry. But there are also healthy and legal alternatives to Movie4Me that you can try to watch free movies. Scroll to know!

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Movie4Me 2020 – Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional movies and a lot more

Here is a sneak peek of what you can get when you use Movie4Me site –

Bollywood Movies

The world is a Bollywood fan and there is nothing as soothing as watching a Bollywood movie! If you are a Bollywood fan, this site will be your go-to option. You can only imagine the range of Bollywood movies available here. From the latest to the oldest, you will find almost all types of Bollywood movies here. All you have to do is hit the name of the movie or simply go according to the year when the movie was released.

Hollywood English Movies

Hollywood movies are a whole another level of fun. Thanks to Movie4Me, you can watch as many Hollywood movies as you want. You get almost all genres’ movies here. There are subtitles and options to download movies in formats as the user wants. However, if you are more of a SPORTS fan, here is something you need to check out right now!

Hollywood Hindi Dual Audio Movies

Hollywood movies are fun for sure but what if someone does not understand English. Movie4Me has thought for all. You get Hollywood movies with Hindi audio on Movie4Me. So language isn’t a barrier here.

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South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies

Telugu, Tamil, I.e. Tollywood or South Indian Movies are a complete another level of entertainment. But the problem with these movies is their complex language. However, Movie4Me brings for you all the Hindi dubbed South Indian Movies that you can understand and enjoy!

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Bollywood Old Movies

Old Bollywood Movies are Gold. There’s nothing that can ever challenge the old Bollywood movies. Sadly, these movies aren’t much accessible. But by using Movie4Me, you can download even the old movies of the 70s and 90s and others.

Regional Movies

Finding Regional movies to watch can be tricky at times. But not with Movie4Me. You can watch Punjabi, Haryanvi, as well as Rajasthani Movies on Movie4Me for free. These indeed are very rare regional movies. So whichever you are or whatever movie you want to see, hop into Movie4Me.

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Disclaimer –

Piracy is a Crime. Movie4Me site is an illegal website and we do not encourage or recommend anyone to download movies from such sites. It will always be better to watch movies through legal ways like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Theatres, etc. This article is for knowledge purposes only.

Movie4Me 2020 Site Links

If you go to the site URL, chances are that you will see a message on the screen – “YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS Movie4Me WEB PAGE AS PER THE DOT COMPLIANCE”. This is a common phenomenon when it comes to such pirated sites. In order to hide from the Government’s eyes, sites like Movie4Me change their domains every other day.

Hence it becomes difficult for users to know what the URL of the site exactly is. But do not worry, because here are the new Movie4Me 2020 links that will help you go to the actual Tamilrockers aka Movie4Me site.

Now that you are aware of almost everything essential, you can enjoy on Movie4Me, here are the links you can use to go to the site. Note that in case one or two sites do not work, you have a plethora of URL options to choose from. Just keep going!

  • Movie4me.c
  • Movie4me.we

How to Download Movies on Movie4Me?

One can easily download movies on Movie4Me and then watch them as per their convenience. This way do not get interrupted by any ads and you can enjoy your movie without any worries about the internet connection or buffering. Here is how you can download Movies on Movie4Me –

Step 1. Open the Movie4Me site from any of the links mentioned above.

Step 2. Once you are on the site, you will see a number of movies as well as categories.

Step 3. If the movie you want is on the homepage, as most of the latest movies are, you can click on that movie and on the next page that opens, you will see some screenshots of that movie along with a download option. Click on it and it will begin to download.

Step 4. If you are looking for a particular movie, you can go to the relevant category and find the movie according to the release year. Then simply click on it. A new page with screenshots of the movie will open along with a download button. Tap on that button to download the movie.

You will be given options to download the movie. You can download it either in the movie format you want. That is it. Your job is done here. Once the movie is downloaded, you will be notified. You then begin watching it without any disturbances.

 Movie4Me APK

In case you are tired of shifting from the Movie4Me site URL which changes constantly, you can simply go for the Movie4Me APK that lets you have the fun of the movies via an application. All you have to do is download Movie4Me APK on your device and then install it using the short guide given below.

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Download Movie4Me APK

App Name Mp4mania
Version v4.0
File Size 1.5 MB
Requirement Android 4.0 and above
Languages English
Last Updated 25-December-2020
License Free

How to Install Movie4Me APK?

Here is how you can install Movie4Me APK –

Step 1. Enable Unknown Sources of your Android device. For this, go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources> Enable toggle.

Step 2. Then tap on the Movie4Me APK file present in the notification drawer or go to downloads.

Step 3. Once you tap on the file, it will begin to download. Be patient until then and grant the required permissions after installation.

Features of Movie4Me APK

  • Free of cost, no need for any subscriptions.
  • Option to download videos to watch offline without interruption by ads.
  • Regular updates to keep the app working well.
  • The servers are powerful and fast thus making your video watching and downloading process faster.
  • Small size, thus does not consume much space on your device.
  • Simple, user-friendly interface. Easy for beginners as well.

Legal Alternatives of Movie4Me

Even if Movie4Me offers a huge range of movies for free, the site is illegal and piracy is a crime. Hence, to keep people from choosing such inappropriate options, here are some amazing alternatives for Movie4Me. Or you can also check the Best Free Movie Apps to watch movies Online.


YouTube is a hub of videos but we cannot ignore the fact that it actually houses a number of good movies. Although you wouldn’t get the latest movies at the moment here, you can buy or rent most of the amazing movies here. If you search, you will also get the movies to watch for free. A few ads. That’s all the interruption you will get.


Netflix needs no introduction. Hollywood, Bollywood, TV Shows, TV Series, Regional Movies, whatever you ask is here. Netflix original movies and shows lie The Bird Box, Ghost Stories, 13 Reasons Why are exclusively available here. A monthly subscription shared between your friends or family could turn very affordable and most importantly legal!


Hotstar is an emerging platform for watching movies, shows, etc. especially is Asian countries. Hotstar is a Star Network program for online entertainment. This app/ website offers TV Shows, Series, Movies, National Geographic channels, Sports, News and a lot more. Plus it is all legal and free. But if you want more, you can opt for the premium package as well, which doesn’t even cost much.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a really affordable option to shift to for watching movies. Besides Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies, one can also watch a number of Amazon Prime Originals and TV series and shows on Amazon Prime. Not to forget the various offers you can get using Amazon apps like Amazon Shopping, etc.

Cinema Halls

Lame, but true. Cinema Halls are created for the purpose of entertainment. Yes, the tickets of certain movies might reach a climax at times but the prices eventually decrease. A few bucks for a good movie and entertainment are not much to ask for. At last, you can watch as many movies at your home on a small screen but the fun of watching movies on a bigger screen with the best audiovisual setup will not be gained by Movie4Me. And don’t forget the food!


Showbox is a legal App that can be downloaded in the form of an APK. Showbox lets you download movies or videos and then watch them offline. The app does not require any subscription. All movies and TV Series are for free.


Crackle is another significant movie streaming app. You can watch a number of movies and shows here. However, you do not get the download option on Crackle. Crackle is an initiative from Sony Entertainment. Thus everything here is legal and nothing to worry about. The best part is, all the movies and content of this app are regulated and update frequently.


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Hubi is a great spot to look for movies and download or watch them online. It also allows you to create your own collection/ playlist of movies. There’s hardly a movie you would not find here.

If you are an anime lover, go straight to this amazing page!


Viewster is a European based streaming service. It supports – iOS, Windows, Android, etc. You get the option to download movies as well. Another great thing about Viewster is that you do not need to register or login to use it.

Popcorn Time

An open-source project that offers the best TV shows and Movie streaming service is PopCorn Time. It is free of cost and has its own in-built music player. You can either watch movies online or download it to watch later on. You also get the feature of subtitles. So watching movies in any language is not a problem here.

Popcorn Flix

A great substitute for Netflix as well as Movie4Me legal alternative is Popcorn flix. Just like the name, PopCorn Flix is very much similar to Netflix. The only difference being, the later is for free. You can watch as many movies or shows you want here and that too free of cost. There are no restrictions for watching movies.


Movies4u is the best alternative to Movie4Me. You can watch all types of movies as well as TV series here. It is not mandatory to sign up for this site. The best part is, it offers HD Movies as well.

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Yidio is another great legal Movie4Me alternative for iPhone users. You can stream online or download as many movies as you want using Yidio. You also get a premium version of this app which offers even more types of movies and shows.


LookMovie is more of a modified version of Movie4Me than Movie4Me alternative. You get almost an infinite number of free Tamil movies to watch here. This site has a great interface and attracts the eye. Apart from the subtitles, you also get an in-built video player. Most of the necessary details of the movie are shown when you click its thumbnail.


If you are a South Indian/ Tamil movie lover, MovieNinja is your go-to option. This best Movie4Me alternative offers you thousands of free movies to watch. With over 8 million users each month, MovieNinja is an emerging popular site, especially for Tamil movie fans. The site is also attractive and well organized.

Is it legal to use Movie4Me?

Technically, No. It is not legal to use Movie4Me. Movie4Me is a pirated movie site. The content put up there is illegal as it also includes most of the latest movies. The material on Movie4Me is copyrighted. Due to the leaks of such latest movies, people prefer free movies and do not go to cinema complexes to watch the movies.

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This adds a huge loss to the filmmakers, producers, and overall film industry. It certainly is wastage of all the efforts put by movie makers in making the movie as Movie4Me offers movies for free. Thus, we recommend watching at least the latest movies in the Cinema halls and not encouraging such pirated content or sites. At last, Piracy is a crime in our Country.

This was all about the Movie4Me website. You can enjoy as many Hollywood and Bollywood movies as you want using this site. Although we have given you all the information we have about  Movie4Me, we still recommend you to watch the latest movies in Cinema complexes or legal streaming sites like Netflix.

Stay tuned with us more such amazing posts!

Happy Watching:-)

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