Most PlayStation Vue Subscribers Plan to Switch to YouTube TV

Sad but true! PlayStationVue will be shutting down in the coming month of January, 2020. With such a huge streaming service having nearly 5 lakh subscribers, it will be interesting to know to where these subscribers will now shift.

According to the surveys conducted till nowz many PlayStation Vue subscribers are planning on going for the YouTube TV subscriptions and why should they not when YouTube TV is offering a two-week free trial period ahead of this shut down of PS Vue.

One major reason for this would be the unlimited DVR and similar channel lineups. What is more interesting is that even Vidgo  is offering two months of service for $14.99 if you show proof that you are a PlayStation Vue subscriber.

Another shocking revelation was that YouTube TV got more number of future subscribers choice than Hulu. It would be a matter of just a few thousand subscribers to decide who will top the list between Sling TV and Hulu.

Well this attraction of PlayStation Vue subscribers will be getting many more twists and turns but looks like more people have already made their choice by choosing YouTube while others having chosen to not replace PS Vue by another TV set streaming service instead go with antenna and similar modes.

In case you are a PlayStation Vue subscriber, we would certainly like to know which streaming service you will be choosing after PS Vue shuts down. Or are you going to stick with antenna kind of services.

Comment down below your choices! We would be glad to hear!

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