Microsoft Edge Browser Gets Pinterest Integration

After a long wait, finally Microsoft Edge Browser Gets Pinterest Integration.

The feature optimizes Collections features and allows users to add content from Pinterest and then export the data right to their accounts.

Pinterest is many people’s go to guide for almost everything. And why shouldn’t it be? The amount of information and inspiration that too on a single image is the times need! And to keep up with that, Microsoft has made a great move.

Now Pinterest users who use Microsoft Edge browser can see suggestions from Pinterest regarding their collections. And when you click on these suggestions, you get even more similar pins ahead.

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Microsoft Edge Browser Gets Pinterest Integration

Microsoft Edge getting Pinterest Integration is indeed a great idea since holidays are too on their way and also many people prefer picking ideas from Pinterest. This integration will offer users a broader gamut of suggestions that are related to their collections and saves.

Liat Ben-Zur, corporate vice president at Microsoft, shared the following statements while talking about the latest Feature on Microsoft Edge browser –

“We believe people should expect more from their browser”

“I love using Pinterest suggestions in Microsoft Edge to discover content that inspires me for the holidays. From holiday party planning to collecting meal recipes, to creating my gift-giving shopping list, Microsoft Edge + Pinterest can help everyone find fun and creative projects to help you stand out.”

That’s all we know about the feature Microsoft Edge Browser Gets Pinterest Integration until now. If you are  Windows 10 user and use Microsoft Edge Browser, do share with us your experience with this all new feature in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear from you.

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