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Best Working Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites List

Best Working Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites List

The growing trend of torrent sites nowadays might have come to your view and also to the Government and related agencies. Which is why these agencies are shutting such torrent sites down for publicizing private content for free. Hence to shield themselves from such attacks, torrent sites like Kickass tend to change their domain names every now and then. For those who are a kickass Proxy user, you may know this attempts of changing domain names every other day.

Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites List

Due to the pressure from Government agencies, these sites are generally blocked in many of the countries. However, we can help you out through it. In this article, we have mentioned all the methods like kickass mirror sites, Kickass proxy and kickass unblocked for you to have access to all blocked kickass services.

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What is a Proxy Server?

Before knowing what proxy server is let me tell you what proxy means so you can get a better idea of the previous term. The proxy basically means a person who generally takes your place or replaces you to do some work for you when you are not present over there.

As your ISP or government has blocked the access to a particular site, you can reach that site by using another server for accessing the site you want. These sites that help you to access a specific unavailable site, are called as Proxy servers.

What basically happens when you use a proxy server is- when you sue a proxy site, it sends an online request to the proxy server instead of going to the destination. The proxy server then hides your IP Address with a new IP and then guides you to the destination. Since you are accessing the website with a new IP address, you will not be blocked now.

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What is Kickass Proxy?

Kickass proxy is a server that reflects the original KAT server by accessing the page from the main kickass torrent site. In simple words, you can call it a mirror of the original KAT Site. Hence, these sites are also called Kickass Mirrors. With the help o these kickass proxy sites, The kickass server can be unlocked easily.

Kickass Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites

Kickass Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites List

Sr.NoName Speed Status
 1 Slow Working
2 Normal Working
3 Normal Working
4 Fast Not working
5 Fast Working
6 Fast Working
7 Fast Working
8 Fast Working
9 Fast Working
10 very fast Working
11 very fast Online
12 very fast Working
13 Normal Blocked
14 Normal Online Normal Not working
16 Fast Working
17 Fast Working
18 Fast Working
19 Very Fast Blocked
20 Very Fast Online
21 Fast Down
22 Normal Working
23 Normal Working
24 Normal Working
25 Very Fast Working
26 Very Fast Working
27 Fast Online
28 Normal Working
29 Normal Working
30 Fast Working
31 Very fast Working

How are Proxy used with Torrents?

Most users prefer to use the unblocked torrent site as they are faster and easier to use than using proxy sites. These torrent sites create a large number of mirror sites and proxy sites to give the user similar experience as that of the original site. Hence, it will not matter whether the original site is blocked or banned, the torrent site will always be available.

Now about the mirror site, you must be very careful about using it. Some sites are made fake and attract the user to create malware attack and infect your computer to steal data or trick you to spend money.

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Why can I not Access Kickass Torrent?

The reasons on the list of why you are not able to access kickass torrents aren’t one or two. However, the main reasons being- First of all, the torrent site may have been banned in your Country. Or else, the second common reason can be that your internet provider may have banned your access to torrent sites.

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The third and nearly common as second reason can be that your antivirus or firewall is blocking you from accessing the Kickass Torrents. Other reason on your list- Your Browser Problem. And the least most common reason being the site may have been temporarily or permanently shut off.

Among these, in my opinion, the last two are the rarest. So our focus shifts on the first three for which we have mentioned here ways to overcome.

Ways to access Kickass Torrents

You can still access the Kickass torrents by the solutions to the above problems. Here are two ways to overcome the major three problems you can have while accessing the torrent.

1. Access Kickass Torrents using VPN

In this method, you would not need to connect to a proxy server. You can directly go to the original KAT site. You can also unblock certain websites by clicking on the particular from the available website list. When you click on the unblock option, you will see a display message on your screen that kickass has been unblocked. From there, you can easily access the Kickass Torrent.

2. Access KAT by disabling Firewall and Internet protection

If you do not wish to use a Kickass proxy and you are sure about the fact that the server kickass torrent is working then you can get an access to it by simply disabling the firewall and the internet protection. But let me tell you, now the torrent site has been blocked completely and hence you cannot go to the kickass server. Hence, you will need a kickass proxy to the site which we have mentioned in the above list.

Are Kickass Proxy sites safe to use?

Although Torrent sites are the best stop to watch free movies, software, games, and much more, the safety to use it completely depends on the place where you are, your location and region. Since these proxy sites are illegal in many countries and their respective Governments and ISPs ban torrent sites from use in their region. However, for using torrent sites, you will need to be careful.

As said earlier, for a safer way, you can mask your IP Address using VPN converter. There are a great number of VPN numbers available for free on the internet. Before choosing any I would recommend you to install the VPN Converter.

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Final Verdict

This was all about Kickass Proxy Sites and a list of all the proxy sites which we could find and that is still working. You can check other proxy sites like Piratebay or rarbg site which is still operating in spite of getting blocked in many countries. Another option you can shift to is Extratorrent.

As much as the torrents are getting popular, more laws are enforced for their closure. Although there are a number of Proxy sites to choose from, you can rather use a VPN to mask your IP as it is more reliable than any other sites. Also, downloading content from torrent sites is illegal and may cause a harm.

You can choose from any of the wide numbers of free VPN available to use. You can also opt for a paid version that allows you limitless access to use IP of any country to hide your own IP. This gradually helps you from any direct attack on the torrents site if you use them.

I hope you guys found this article useful. If you come across any difficulties regarding these sites mentioned here, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Also, for more such updates, make sure you have subscribed to our Newsletter to not miss any tech-related stuff.

Best Working Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites List
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